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GETTING a ticket for Glastonbury has become a military operation that can baffle even die-hard festival veterans.

But with the right preparation, bagging your spot at the 2024 event doesn't need to end in tears.

An estimated 2.5 million people are expected to compete for around 200,000 tickets to the Somerset bonanza, which takes place in June next year.

Coach tickets were due to go on sale at 6pm this evening on the Glastonbury website, followed by general sale at 9am on Sunday November 5, with a resale coming in 2024 too.

However, organisers today announced the sales have been delayed, as many hoping to buy tickets for 2024 discovered after Monday’s registration deadline that they are no longer registered.

The new sale dates are Thursday November 16 for coach tickets, with general admission following on Sunday November 19.

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According to Glastonbury veteran Dan Thomas, who has been every year since 2004, your best chances will come through applying as a group and with some simply prep work to ensure there are no last minute snags.

Here the ticket whizz – who shares his advice on Instagram and TikTok – gives his top tips… including a handy downloadable spreadsheet for hopefuls to use. Happy ticket hunting!

Get a group of at least 6 together

The strength of your group is is everything so don't try and just buy a ticket for yourself or you and your partner.

You have much better odds of getting a Glastonbury ticket if you get in a group with five other people to form a group of six.

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The reason for that is kind of mathematical. You don't have great odds, but if you do get through you can buy six tickets.

So rather than six people individually having terrible odds and maybe one of them getting through, my theory is that one person gets through, buys six tickets, and you all have an agreement – a bit like a lottery syndicate to share the winnings if you like.

But instead you're buying each other's tickets and with a little bit of cash transfer on that first day, hopefully everyone gets to go in your group.

Use my super spreadsheet

There's a tool that I put together as a free download. It's called the Glastonbury super spreadsheet. You can get it from my Tiktok Instagram.

This tool enables you to both store the details of all the people in your group, but also share them in a way where they can see the updates happening live so they can see who's got tickets, who hasn't.

They can also see additional details about those people that might be useful. And that tool is a lot better than a group chat. 

Try for coach tickets

So a lot of people think that Glastonbury goes on sale once. But in my mind, it really goes on sale four times: twice in November and twice in the spring.

The one that's coming up now and the November sale will have a coach sale tonight and then a general sale on Sunday.

Not everyone wants to drive there. Not everyone wants to get the coach. But if you're up for trying both, then you have in fact two bites of the cherry.

If you combine that with buying tickets in groups, then you get to not only double that, then multiply that by six because again whoever gets through can buy the group of six tickets.

Consider unusual departure cities

Consider unusual coach journeys and try a departure city that isn't London or Bristol or a big city.

If you're happy to travel, one of the Scottish ones or somewhere a bit further flung than the south-west could prove less competitive. 

Go for a Thursday ticket

If you are getting a coach ticket, there are two arrival days: Wednesday and Thursday.

If you don't mind missing a 'free' day before the music kicks off on Friday, go straight for the Thursday arrival option because it's the Wednesday arrival tickets that sell out the quickest. 

Have a couple of credit cards ready

Quite often, the banks get a little bit spooked on ticket day and will block transactions because they see an awful lot of money going in one direction all of a sudden.

If that happens and your bank locks your card, they may send you a text message saying that you can retry in 10 minutes.

But… you don't have 10 minutes! So you need to have two credit cards ready and you need to have a fair amount of cash available on them as well.

Use a laptop or computer – NOT a phone

I tend to have one monitor with three things open.

One is the spreadsheet, the second is the Glasto ticket sales site and in a third window I would have your group chat.

You will need to enter everyone's reference number and postcode super-quick – so trying to punch in up to 12 details on your phone is time-consuming and could come back to bite you.

Be persistent

A lot of people give up after the first few minutes and start  complaining in the group chat.

It's inevitable and part of the chaos, but doesn't really get you any closer to getting a ticket.

If you have time to complain, you have time to reload the website or try something else!

Have a pep talk with your team beforehand

It's all well and good you understanding that the ticket process is difficult and requires persistence.

But all of those other five people in your group can't afford to be deadweight.

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They all need to be trying as hard as you are throughout the tickets sale – not chatting, not having a lie in, not making their breakfast on the Sunday morning.

Make sure everyone is putting in maximum effort and your persistence will (hopefully) pay off!

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