ITV reveals truth about Big Brother row so vicious it got taken off air – and Paul is at the centre of the drama | The Sun

BIG Brother has finally revealed what happened in last night's vicious row that saw the live stream abruptly ended.

In explosive scenes that will air tonight, Paul clashes with housemates after missing out on an invite to a party.

Yinrun is rewarded with her own celebration after completing a secret mission but can only invite six co-stars.

She chooses Chanelle, Jenkin, Tom, Trish, Dylan and Noky, leaving a jealous Paul to watch on alongside Olivia, Matty, Henry and Jordan.

Paul takes to the balcony, throwing balls of cling film down at the party as housemates look on.

“Your little d**khead party, I’m sick of it,” Paul says to them. He then goes downstairs into the party and takes two of the cocktails over to the sink, suggesting he might pour them down the drain.



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“Let’s play a game,” he teases.

“Play your own f**king game, you prick,” Jenkin says, before storming off. “Paul, grow the f**k up you f**king child.”

As Noky watches the drama unfold, Paul turns to her and asks: “What are you staring at?” to which she replies, “You, of course.”

“You’re strange, you just stare at me and don’t say a word,” he remarks. “Weird.”

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When Trish returns to the party, Noky informs her of her interaction with Paul, much to Trish’s disdain.

“You are a bully,” she calls to Paul from downstairs. “Why am I a bully?” he asks her.

“You know why you’re a bully, don’t act stupid,” she retorts. “Calm your voice down Trish,” Paul tells her.

Paul continues to press her on labelling him a bully. “Are you talking about Noky, is that what you’re talking about?” he asks. 

“So you know? So you know who you’ve been bullying?” she responds before reaffirming her position. “You are a bully.”

The pair continue to squabble, before going into their respective groups to discuss the events of the evening and what it means for the rest of their time in the house.

To watch the explosive argument between Trish and Paul in full, viewers can tune into this evening’s special live DOUBLE eviction which will be simulcast across ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm tonight!

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