Emmerdale fans blast terrible storylines amid David Metcalfe actor Matthew Wolfenden exit drama

Emmerdale fans have criticised the ITV soap's storylines after it was revealed actor Matthew Wolfenden will be leaving his role as David Metcalfe later this year.

Matthew, 43, who has been part of the Emmerdale cast for 17 years, will be written out of the soap over the coming months, with sources claiming the actor's decision was due to a lack of "gritty storylines" for his character.

A TV source told The Sun: "He hasn’t been getting any gritty storylines recently so wants to see what else is out there," before adding that there is a possibility David could be killed off.

Emmerdale fans have taken to social media to react to the news, with many saying they had noticed David's lack of stories in the ITV soap.

One soap viewer took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their opinion, writing: "Didn't I say the established characters would start leaving due to the lack of good storylines? The latest is David someone has really 'murdered' this soap #Emmerdale".

A second person said: "They’ve given him rubbish storylines for ages. He deserved better."

"No surprise there! He’s had nothing to do for well over a year and it’s clear they have no idea what to do with him," a thrid frustrated Emmerdale fan penned.

Viewers have also began guessing what David's exit storyline could be, with some wondering if he is set to be killed off or if his character will leave quietly.

Actor Matthew has portrayed shopkeeper David Metcalfe in Emmerdale since 2006. Over the years, his character has become the father to two children Amber and Theo, as well as a father-figure to his former step-son Jacob Gallagher.

David's most dramatic storylines include his son Theo arriving in his life in dramatic scenes which saw a baby left on his doorstep on Christmas Day 2019, with a note from his former girlfriend Maya, asking for the baby to be looked after.

In real life, Matthew found love on the soap, having started dating actress Charley Webb, who played Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale, in 2007.

He and Charley married in 2018 and they now share three sons, Buster, 12, Bowie, six and three year old Ace.

Charley confirmed last year she had left her role on Emmerdale after 19 years, having initially left to go on maternity leave with her third child.

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