EastEnders fans work out Eve Unwin to be sent back to prison

EastEnders: Heather Peace discusses Eve Unwin’s story

EastEnders fans have “worked out” Eve Unwin (played by Heather Peace) could face a return to prison.

It comes as Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) kicked Eve out of the house after she trashed the kitchen ahead of Lily Slater’s (Lilia Turner) social worker inspection visit.

Eve and Stacey got married in a prison wedding of convenience two years ago so that Eve could be released from probation.

Part of the deal was Eve had to have an address to live at, and now that Stacey has kicked Eve out, fans are concerned she may be sent back to prison.

One fan of the soap theorised Eve could soon be back behind bars.

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Reddit user majesticjewnicorn said on an EastEnders discussion chat: “Also to add… wasn’t Eve’s prison release hinged on her having an address to live at, with Stacey?

“By kicking her out, wouldn’t that violate Eve’s probation and risk sending her back to prison?”

Eve was left traumatised when she learned how her twin sister had really died.

After a stranger tracked her down, it turned out she was the person who had killed her sister in an accident.

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What Eve didn’t know before though was that Caz Johnston (Bryony Afferson) had been drunk when she got behind the wheel.

The news devastated Eve and she decided to have a few drinks before falling apart at a very bad time.

“We cannot be living with some sort of liability who just flips out like that,” Stacey later fumed.

“What are you saying?” Eve replied, to which Stacey answered: “I’m saying I don’t know if you can live here in this state whilst Lily is about to bring the most precious thing into this world.”

“Are you chucking me out?” Eve asked tearfully before adding: “Thanks… family.”

Could Eve end up back in prison thanks to Stacey?

She walked out of the house in tears, but fans on the same Reddit forum argued Stacey’s decision was out of character.

Boring_Baseball_1293 wrote: “Insult to the viewers yet again.”

browsertalker added: “I’m really disappointed in Stacey. She would never kick out Eve or allow someone to drip poison in her ear about her own ‘family’.

“She is not stupid, how does she not get that at the very least he has an ulterior motive?!

“The writers have given her a personality transplant, just hope it’s not permanent.”

Chewinggum250 argued: “I’m starting to take back my praise for Clenshaw, Stacey and the Slaters are not this stupid! It’s written so badly it’s beyond frustrating and utterly unbelievable.”

However, some applauded Heather’s acting, with LizRoo writing: “Heather Peace stole the show today. The look on Eve’s face when Caz mentioned she was drunk, the way the sound totally cut out in that moment. Goosebumps.”

“On a positive note, I have absolutely loved the focus on Eve this week and I am glad they gave her something to do besides pine after Suki. Heather Peace has been killing it,” TRock2008 added.

EastEnders continues on Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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