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THE Mill Health Centre has welcomed a string of new faces in recent months as the staff slowly recover from massive changes.

But who has joined the crew? Get the lowdown on all the comings and goings on Doctors.

Miles Bailey (Louis Saxby) – joined

You and Outlawed actor Louis Saxby first appeared on the BBC One drama on May 18, 2023, when he was cast as second-year medical student Miles Bailey.

While he was seen studying at Letherbridge University, he was instructed by Professor Abid Anwar to give Zara Carmichael a tour of the campus prior to her joining as a lecturer.

It was later confirmed that Miles had developed a crush on Zara and insisted on escorting her to her classes.

When he flirted with her, his classmate Chloe Fisher couldn't help but pick on his interest in Zara and teased him, while the lecturer warned him to stop making flirtatious remarks to her.

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Miles persisted and even kissed Zara – but the pair were caught red-handed by Chloe who took a photo of tem.

Chloe proceeded to post comments online about a lecturer taking advantage of a student which Miles was enraged at

This caused trouble for Zara's career and relationship with Daniel Granger.

Miles' last appearance was aired in June, 2023 – but could he be seen again?

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Hollyoaks star Kiza Deen joined the Doctors line-up as Claudia BriantCredit: BBC

Claudia Briant (Kiza Deen) – joined

After appearing in Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks as Sonia Albright, Kiza Deen was cast as PC Claudia Briant who has slowly become a new love interest for Bear Sylvester.

Claudia was first seen pulling Bear over for speeding in late May, 2023.

Bear, who had previously been the target of a racist stop-and-search situation was surprised when he saw Claudia, a black female police officer, rock up to him.

She later paid him a visit at the Mill Health Centre and the rest was history.

Claudia was mot recently seen with established police officer Rob Hollins as the pair began working together.

Speaking of which…

Karen Hollins (Jan Pearson) – left

After a health scare with her heart a handful of months ago, the receptionist and her police officer husband Rob Hollins were looking forward to escape their routine and go travelling.

But the couple will never get a fresh start away from Letherbridge.

Karen's exit scenes were aired on March 30, 2023, when Rob returned home from work to find his other half unconscious on the sofa.

Paramedics were called and broke the news to him that his wife was dead but he was in denial.

Fans of the medical drama were in tears when he made a call to the Mill Health Centre staff who, ironically, had decided to ignore their phones to enjoy an outing all together.

They eventually got wind of Karen's death and her passing left characters and viewers completely heartbroken.

Surgery receptionist Karen Hollins and Jan Pearson, the actress who portrayed her, were fan favourites for 14 years.

Rob struggled to cope in the aftermath of Karen's death but a familiar face could be the breath of fresh air he needs.

Binita Prabhu (Nina Wadia) – joined

Hard-to-please Binita Prabhu appeared in a handful of Doctors episodes, from April 6 to April 17.

She was introduced as Suni Bulsara's overbearing aunt and when her sister-in-law Nina found out she was coming to visit them, she cleared out the house of all microwave meals.

Nina went as far as hiring a cleaner to avoid any criticism from Binita.

The newcomer made Nina's blood boil by using her as a human coat hanger and making snarky comments about how she's not feeding Suni enough.

She went a step further by billing Nina's work at the Mill Health Centre a hobby and even tried to set Suni up with a scientist she knows.

Nina and Suni grew tired of Binita's behaviour and her stint climaxed in a showdown between the three of them.

BBC One viewers may have been surprised to see that Binita was portrayed by former EastEnders star Nina Wadia.

Could she return?

Malika Dahlan (Aria Prasad) – joined

Aria Prasad made her Doctors debut on April 19, 2023 as midwife Malika.

The new character was introduced as a temporary midwife at St Phil's Hospital.

She was first seen covering for Ruhma Carter who is temporarily working at EastLetherbridge.

Malika was then seen facing a heartbreaking tragedy in a standalone Ramadan-themed instalment.

Aria's stint in the medical drama will last three months and her exit is due to be aired in June, 2023.

Tanisha Fonesca (Andrea Ali) – joined

Tanisha also made her first appearance in the program on April 19, 2023, and was introduced as a former university classmate of Bear Sylvester.

The pair bumped into one another at a meeting about online accounting systems and hit it off immediately once again.

They left the meeting early to go on a date, where Tanisha told Bear she decided to work privately and leave the NHS.

Eventually, both characters spent the night together after their date and are due for an explosive on-screen romance.

Soon enough, however, after a visit at the Mill Health Centre, Tanisha told Bear he should move into the private sector with her.

Could he go along with it?

Tanisha is Andrea Ali's first role since her stint in Hollyoaks as Celeste Faroe.

Her character was killed off in the Channel 4 soap in early 2022.

Kirsty Millar (Kiruna Stamell) – joined

The matriarch made her first appearance in January, 2023, following Valerie Pitman's dismissal.

She took on the role of receptionist at the Mill Health Centre and has known Ruhma Carter for years due to working with her at St. Phil's Hospital in the past.

Ruhma has high praise for Kirsty but the latter's family life is clearly not as peaceful.

Rich Millar (Richard Atwill) – joined

Kirsty moved to Letherbridge before being joined by her husband Rich.

Risen and Freya star Richard Atwill was chosen to play the part.

It soon became increasingly clear in recent Doctors scenes that the couple aren't as happy as others may think.

Ollie Millar (Isaac Benn) – joined

To make matters worse, Kirsty has also been struggling with her son Ollie joining the army.

However, the lad recently returned home from his venture only to see some of the problems that his parents are having.

Rich has most notably been taking advantage of his time and relying on his son to cook their meals and clean their home.

Will the Millars ever get along?

Nina Bulsara (Wendi Peters) – Joined

Former Coronation Street actress Wendi Peters made her debut on the show earlier in 2023.

The star famed for her infamous role on the rival soap plays the role of Nina Bulsara.

Speaking of her new role on the BBC's Morning Live, she said: I'm having a brilliant time, I've been here two or three weeks now and just settling in to playing Dr Nina."

Suni Bulsara (Rahul Arya) – joined

Rahul Arya plays Wendi Peters' on-screen son Suni and rocked up the Health Centre on March 8, 2023.

Nina got Suni hired as a doctor as soon as she became a partner and he ruffled many feathers upon his arrival.

But after annoying both Scarlett and Luca McIntyre, it was made clear that he was keeping a big secret from his mother.

Suni is bisexual and flirted with both Scarlett and Luca.

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However, Luca was the first to notice he clams up whenever his mother Nina bumped into the pair of them.

What's in store for Suni?

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