Greg Grippo Makes Victoria Fuller Jealous With Prank: Watch

Bachelor Nation’s Greg Grippo made Victoria Fuller jealous on their romantic vacation to Positano.

Grippo, 30, took to TikTok on Wednesday, August 23, to share a hilarious video of his practical joke on Fuller, 28.

“Told the waiter to give me a shot and say ‘it’s from a girl’ let’s see how this goes…” he captioned the post. He then flipped the camera around to show Fuller, who was “so content” and sipping on an Aperol spritz on the beach.

The waiter then handed Grippo a shot and Fuller immediately asked which girl on the beach sent it. The employee played along with Grippo’s prank and told Fuller, “Honestly I don’t remember where they’re sitting.”


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Fuller, unhappy that someone was hitting on her man in front of her, told Grippo, “Imagine if a guy sent me a f—king shot. You’d be pissed. You’d be livid.”

He then laughed and explained he was going to take the shot. Fuller replied, “Oh no, I’m gonna take it because they sent it to you, so give it to me.” She grabbed the drink from Grippo and looked around the beach, searching for suspects. “Whoever sent this thanks,” she sarcastically said. “Yeah. F—k you.”

When Grippo confessed, Fuller innocently smiled into the camera and said, “Are you f—king serious?” while he laughed in the background.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo’s Relationship Timeline

Moments before he played the joke on Fuller, the couple made another TikTok about how Grippo is a “sarcastic bf” and Fuller is a “sensitive gf.” For the social media post, the duo used an audio clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, where Kourtney Kardashian told Khloé Kardashian, “I think you take things really sensitively, and that’s fine, I just need to not make those jokes with you.” Grippo mouthed the line to Fuller, who mouthed back with Khloé’s voice, “No I think they’re just like rude.”

Grippo pulled down his sunglasses to look at Fuller and responded, “But to me it’s a joke. To you, it’s rude. So I won’t make them to you because you don’t take it the way that I’m meaning it, which is a joke.”

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Fuller mouthed Khloé’s line back, “I think it’s hard to decipher if it is a joke or not.”

The Bachelor and Bachelorette alums met in 2021 at Governor’s Ball in New York City. Fuller went on to appear on season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise during summer 2022, getting engaged to Johnny DePhillipo. While the show was airing in fall 2022, Fuller and DePhillipo called it quits and she started seeing Grippo. DePhillipo insisted that there was crossover in the romances, but Fuller denied cheating on her former fiancée.

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