Corrie newcomer lifts lid on relationship with 'force of nature' Stephanie Davis

Coronation Street couple Darren and Courtney Vance have a tumultuous relationship, but off screen, actors Ryan Early and Stephanie Davis are the best of friends.

Darren first appeared on the Street as a business contact of Dev Alahan’s (Jimmi Harkishin).

He soon took a shine to Dev’s son Aadi (Adam Hussain) and offered him a job as his assistant, though Aadi soon came to realise that this meant chauffeuring Darren’s wife Courtney around.

Courtney soon fell for young Aadi, and the pair have been engaging in a steamy affair ever since.

Though their characters are in a failing marriage, Ryan and Stephanie get on like a house on fire, as Ryan revealed when he lifted the lid on their friendship.

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‘Stephanie Davis is a force of nature in the best possible way because she’s this brilliant combination, she’s a lot younger than me, I’ve been around for such a long time and done a lot of shows, but she’s done it all, she’s so experienced,’ he said.

‘So coming in together was great, we met in makeup on day one, she threw her arms around me, we held our little fingers together and we were like okay we’re a team let’s stick together and have a laugh.

‘And we really have, we cry with laughter so often during scenes, which is especially great now we’re at war and in a marriage that is really falling apart. But when the camera cuts we’ve become such great mates. It just makes filming such fun.’

While Darren and Courtney are having some issues, Ryan revealed that, deep down, they are a ‘match made in heaven’.

‘I think he absolutely loves her. I think it’s a modern marriage, they got together through infidelity, they were an affair. He was already married before, but when he met Courtney, I truly feel that he believed he’d found his soulmate.

‘She’s a match for him, she’s fiery, they can brown but they also make each other laugh more than anything. He found someone who wanted to join the good life with him but also had this business brain as well, so the two of them together as far as he’s concerned are this amazing match.

‘She’s not a trophy wife, but she’s someone who loves to enjoy the finer things, looks good and is smart. For him it’s a match made in heaven.’

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