Big Park SS24 Brings Contemporary South Korean Calligraphy To Ready To Wear

Big Park brought its collection to Seoul Fashion Week once again for its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Centered around movement, the collection takes inspiration from the abstract art of contemporary calligraphy. The brush strokes, vivid colors and penmanship of Hwang Seok-bong was the main inspiration behind this season.

Hwang’s artworks are often known for its fluid nature, heavily emphasizing the unique calligraphy brush strokes. The collection, titled Phantasmagoria, take audiences on a dream. The pieces are a sequence of real and imaginary images pieced together to create ever-changing scenes. By definition, phantasmagoria indicates the constant changing successions or combinations of fantastic, bizarre or imagined imagery. Abstract brushstrokes from these calligraphic art paintings become the underlying demonstration of the shifting series.

Each piece is transformative, with some utilizing the brush strokes as design details or even other pieces honing in on the idea of movement in its silhouette and construction. Tailored suiting as well as oversized vests give the collection a broad range and depth. Take a look at the collection above.

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