BBC Strictlys Bobby Brazier says Im losing the will before Dianne face plants his bum

It's no secret that alongside the glitz and the glamour, Strictly ComeDancing can bring intense training sessions for its contestants.

And EastEnders' Bobby Brazier has shared a behind the scenes clip of his most recent rehearsal with dance partner Dianne Buswell to show exactly that.

The pair will take on the Cha Cha Cha to Come-On-a-My House by Della Reese in Saturday night's episode, but the 20 year old has pleaded for 'a break' his Instagram video.

"Sometimes all I need in life is a Dianne break. Just five minutes is all I need," Bobby said as he jokingly put his head in his hands.

"Just five minutes, I need you to go sit somewhere else for five minutes," the actor said talking to his dance partner. He then joked "Go on, I dare you" as Dianne could be heard making a loud noise in the background.

Thankfully the dancing partners were clearly joking around while rehearsing their upcoming routine as Bobby then filmed himself laughing.

In another clip, Bobby could then be seen playing a prank on Dianne, 34, as he balanced his legs on top of her shoulders before pulling her face closer towards him.

The pair then rolled around the rehearsal space laughing before returning to their routine.

This comes after the actor declared his love for Dianne during an appearance on Lorraine, hosted by Christine Lampard.

Bobby and Dianne have quickly become fan favourites, with the actor admitting he's getting used to life in the Strictly camp. He said: "We spend so much time together, all day every day together."

He joked: "There are times where I don't like you, there are times where I love you.

"I think I'm getting better at working harder. You're rubbing off on me in certain ways and I'm rubbing off on you in certain ways and I think that's why last week went so well."

Bobby also spoke about how meditation helps him prepare for the show as the EastEnders star shared: "I reckon it helps us with our dancing.

"I call breaks – she has a weird relationship with the word 'break', but I call it a necessary digestive period. Sitting and being with myself and thinking about the dancing, allowing it to seep into my bones, probably helps."

Dianne also revealed Bobby's passion for meditation has prompted her to include it in her daily practice as she said: "He looks so happy when he's doing it. He does it a fair bit in rehearsal. It's like he's smiling when he's meditating and it's lovely to see."

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