Noughties one-hit wonder band reunite for tour 26 years after song that was a huge UK hit | The Sun

A NOUGHTIES band have reunited 26 years after their iconic one hit wonder.

In 1997 the group shot to fame with their debut single which got to number three in the UK charts.

But, despite never managing to emulate the success of Drinking in LA, Bran Van 3000 have got back together for a reunion tour of their native Canada, the US, the UK and Europe.

The group was founded in 1994 by James Di Salvio and E.P. Bergen and members over the years included Sara Johnston, Jayne Hill, Stephanie Moraille,  Steve 'Liquid' Hawley, Rob Joanisse and Nick Hynes.

Bran Van 3000's last album French Garden was released in 2015.

James previously opened up to the Toronto Star about the story behind Drinking in LA.

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He recalled waking up in the late 90s, face down on a lawn in West Hollywood before saying to himself: "What the hell am I doing, drinking in LA?"

James added: "It’s really strange that the song took us around the world.

"These days, I find it more and more strange. It’s just been a crazy ride."

The group recently shared a clip of them back together and performing in Montreal.

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