Sky News host Kay Burley leaves fans concerned as she gives up food for 10 days | The Sun

KAY Burley has seriously concerned her fans as she reveals she has given up food.

The Sky News anchor has revealed that she will be undertaking a period of fasting for 10 days.

Kay, 62, broke the news on her social media as she took to Instagram with a video.

"Part of a 10 day fasting experience, i'm a little bit anxious, I have to say," she explained as she lifted her mug of herbal tea.

"But I thought I would share with you my experience in the hope that if you try to do it as well.

"Then you might be a little bit more confident, it might give you a few pointers.


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"I've already seen the doctor this morning, I've already seen the nurse this morning, they were both fantastic.

"I've been given by fasting minerals that I need to take three times a day, also to keep you busy a great big sheet of things that you can do all day, there's a magnificent pool here."

"I suppose the big thing here is not really eating many calories for, it equates to 10 days, how am I going to get on when I've got those rumbley tummy pangs, stay tuned to find out."

She captioned the recording: "Here we go, a 10 day fasting programme @buchingerwilhelmi on the banks of Lake Constance.

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"If you’ve ever wanted to try a fasting programme but were anxious about the challenge then let me do it for you.

"Will the challenge be too much? How many calories am I actually allowed? What happens when I’m so hungry I can’t think properly?

"I will be honest in my journey and perhaps it will inspire you to do the same."

The former TV-AM presenter added: " Check out my story and let me know what you think #fasting #fastingtips #wellness #newme."

But her admirers were concerned as they took to the comments section in droves.

One wrote: "Wow … Take care too 😎."

Another said: "Wow dude!! Be careful!!"

"Why are you doing this?", asked a third.

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A fourth user added: "You ok ? You look great as you are."

And a fifth enquired: "Why?"

What is intermittent fasting?

The intermittent fasting diet does what it says on the tin, but it can follow two patterns.

The first is eating just 500 calories two days per week, and eating normally (what you want) the other five days.

The second option is going 14, 16 or 18 hours a day without food, leaving you with a six to ten hour window to eat in.

The time in which your body starts to break down fat is after all digestion is fully completed and the nutrients have been taken from food.

This period after is called the post-absorptive state where excess fat will be stored in the liver for fuel stores, where it can be acessed to keep the body's functions ticking over when no energy from food is in the digestive system to use.

This is what happens when you sleep and when you are in a planned fasting period and insulin is low. Your body will need to take from fat stores even more whilst awake and fasting, as you'll need more energy to move around, which is when the weight loss occurs.

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