GMBs Susanna Reid discusses stressful mammogram experience in candid update

Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid became emotional this morning whilst discussing her recent mammogram appointment with viewers.

Confessing she consistently put off the check-up and ignored her reminder letters out of fear of what would come, the breakfast host admitted The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson's pleas for women to go to the routine test that inspired her to book a hospital visit.

"I did go for mammogram that do you remember we were talking about Sarah Ferguson and she had urged everybody to go and do it," Susanna said.

"I was really resistant to it and then there was a big a row wasn't there that some health authorities weren't sending regular reminders. I remembered that there had been a letter somewhere and so I did it."

Speaking to co-host Ed Balls, she revealed however that her morning hadn't gone entirely to plan.

"Do you know what? It was slightly stressful because our lovely editor Daniel drove me there and then I left my mobile phone in the car. And then I felt stressed because I didn't have my mobile phone.

"Then I had to go up to someone else in the waiting room to ask them if I could possibly send an email from their mobile phone to the programme secretary to see if she could contact… anyway the point I was completely distracted. Thank you Daniel for driving me to my mammogram. I went in the nurse was absolutely lovely."

And the 52 year old mum-of-three admitted that she expected the scan to be "far, far worse" than it was in reality, as she urged viewers not to put off booking an appointment like she did.

"It was the least bit painful or uncomfortable I was expecting it to be far, far worse. The results came within a few weeks and it came back all clear," she explained.

All women from the age of 50 to 70 that are registered with a GP are invited by the NHS Breast Screening Programme for screening every three years.

In June, royal family member Sarah, 63, announced she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone a successful single mastectomy.

The Duchess was said to have been devastated by the news, but was determined to go under the knife as soon as possible, believing she had "no choice" but to go through with it.

Speaking on her Tea Talks podcast recently, she admitted that, before the operation, she didn’t "like" herself – even though, looking back, she now realises she had "good legs" and "looked good".

But she went on to say how the single mastectomy had actually got her to a "more confident place".

She weighed up whether having a "a body part cut off" was something she needed "in order to wake up", adding: "Not because of seeing death but waking up to stop worrying, stop self-hatred, stop self-doubt, stop all these things. Stop not liking yourself."

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