BBC Survivor viewers switch off boring new Joel Dommett series

NTAs: This Morning welcomed by Joel Dommett

BBC viewers complained about how they had to “switch off” the channel’s new show, Survivor.

The reality series kickstarted after Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday and, hosted by Joel Dommett, saw 18 castaways welcomed to theDominican Republic for what the BBC describes as the “ultimate physical and psychological game”.

However, viewers weren’t all impressed by the new show.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, @DawnAnn8992 penned: “Yes, it’s an absolute load of tripe but instead of moaning about it, just switch it off. #survivor.”

@socialmediajon1 commented: “This is terrible. So terrible I’m going to switch over to watch Julia Bradbury’s Irish Journey on C4 #Survivor.”

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@andertoc77 wrote: “Good grief. Is this really what the #BBC think the great British public want to watch on a Saturday night? #Survivor.”

“Awful! Nothing like the USA version! No flint but an actual lighter! Too much food! Lazy filming location… Joel isn’t a good fit either,” @dingdongqwerty2 fumed.

@cj_787 remarked: “Boring so far…. #Survivor,” along with a sleeping emoji.

@cynicaltide wrote: “I’m actually so exhausted survivor Is so boring just tunnelled simulator.” (sic)

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However, others didn’t feel so strongly about the new series, with @notjohnneptune sharing: “Late to Survivor but it looks like it has potential. There’s some great pass/agg chat going on here.”

The 18 Survivor contestants, carefully selected from across the UK, were marooned in a tropical location before being divided into two tribes, competing against each other in a range of physical and mental challenges for reward or immunity.

One by one, players will be voted out of their tribes at the Tribal Council until the two tribes eventually merge and the game becomes a head-to-head battle.

Ultimately only one person can triumph, winning the cash prize of £100,000 and the title of Sole Survivor.

The first episode concluded with Richard being voted out after team members felt he had let them down during a task.

“I’m absolutely gutted, but some people don’t want to play the game against the strongest,” he stated.

Survivor continues on Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.

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