Deal Or No Deals Noel Edmonds returns to public life serving coffee in cafe

TV legend Noel Edmonds made a welcome return to the public eye earlier this week – in somewhat unusual circumstances.

The 74-year old Deal or No Deal icon appeared in a café in Frome, Somerset, after flying in from his New Zealand home to visit family.

But rather than keep a low profile, the veteran celebrity delighted his fellow customers at the Victoria Park Community Cafe by jumping over the counter to serve hot beverages himself.

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Staff at the café – who are all volunteers – also looked on in amazement, reports SomersetLive.

Sherry Anne Downes, who has worked there for six months, revealed: "Noel certainly caused quite a stir. He was in the park with family and popped in for a cappuccino.

"Initially I asked him if I could take a photo and then I cheekily asked whether he wanted to get behind the counter and serve some customers.

"He happily obliged and did about 20 minutes and people just loved it – he was an angel."

Sadly, however, when offered a more permanent position at the cafe, Noel had to decline owing to the long distance haul.

The presenter moved to the other side of the world with his wife, Liz, in 2019 and purchased a number of properties on the banks of the Motueka River – including a café of his own.

Sherry continued: "Noel loved the idea of our community café as he owns one in New Zealand. He talked to us about our café as well as talking about his own business.” In another quirky twist, Noel arrived at the café wearing odd shoes – a blue loafer on one foot and a brown boot on the other.

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"When we asked him about it he said he had started off wearing odd socks and then took it further to wear odd shoes,” said 47-year-old Sherry. “He wanted to start a new trend and it’s something that has apparently been picked up by others in New Zealand."

Noel's "positivity" radio station in New Zealand, meanwhile, plays dedicated music for plants, using "healing frequencies" that also supposedly helps animals such as cats and dogs.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, he said: "We ran an experiment with two plants, one of which we neglected and the other we played Positively Plants to.

"The difference was absolutely amazing, and then we played those tones, because it's all about tones, we played those tones to the plant that didn't look so good, and it perked up again."

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