Abbey Clancy told Peter Crouch delete my number after nightclub incident

Abbey Clancy asked Peter Crouch to hand her phone number back on the night they met, because she caught him talking to other girls right after he nabbed her number.

The former footballer must have been feeling pretty pleased with himself as he'd just scored his first goal for Liverpool and managed to chat up the stunning model in a nightclub. But it seems he nearly ruined his chances with her.

Peter and Abbey, who are now happily married with four kids, told the not-so-romantic tale on the latest episode of The Therapay Crouch. They were speaking to The Inbetweeners star James Buckley and his wife Clair, who host the podcast In Sickness and in Health.

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Abbey revealed that Pete was always popping into the venue she worked at, but they never crossed paths until one night, which happened to be the birthday of Tommy, her best mate Kaz's partner.

Recalling the moment, Abbey said: "I was working then I went down to the club downstairs and Pete was there, and I just remember my heart pounding. As I was going to the loo I was like 'Oh well done'."

She turned to Pete and asked: "You'd scored your first goal for Liverpool, didn't you?" Peter quipped: "Yeah, took me a while."

She went on: "Then you asked me for my number, and then I come out the loo, and he's like chatting another girl up." Pete corrected her: "I wasn't chatting another girl up, we were in a nightclub."

James joked: "Player. Respect," prompting Abbey to agree: "Proper player." Pete cheekily joked: "I was a top sh***er back then" before he burst out laughing.

Abbey continued: "I was like 'give me my number back now. You've just asked me for my number." But Peter insisted: "I was literally just talking to her. I wasn't like working the room."

Teasing him, the model added: "Keeping his options open…" But Pete adorably said: "Can you imagine if Abbey comes up to me and I'm like 'I'm going to keep my options open'."

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