Woman told she isn't 'hot enough to expect a free meal on a date'

Woman told she isn’t ‘hot enough to expect a free meal on a date’ and should be paying for the man instead

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A young woman has recorded what she claims was ‘an uncomfortable first date’ where she was told she wasn’t good looking enough to have a free meal – and should offer to pay.

The date went on to explain she would need to slide her card under the table – to make it look like he had paid as he ‘has a reputation to uphold’.

The video, made by Winta Zesu was looks to be staged but appears to be reflective of the dating scene in New York City, where she lives and works.

Some men took offence at the video, commenting to tell her that it was an unfair take on dating culture, before being savaged by women watching the video. 

The video begins with the 21 year old eating her meal – before being chastised by her date for ‘eating too quickly’.

‘The food’s not going anywhere, are you enjoying this date or not,’ the man says off camera.

A young woman has recorded a very uncomfortable first-date where she was told she wasn’t good looking enough to have a free meal – and should even offer to pay

He then questioned if she actually even liked Italian food before telling her she would be paying for the meal.

When she tells him that she ‘didn’t bring her card’ and couldn’t pay for the meal he called her un-lady like and said it was bad manners to expect the man to pay.

‘I thought you were rich, you told me you come from a wealthy family,’ he added.

 The video finishes with her asking him to stop.

‘I am trying to eat and leave.’ 

Most people believe the vide was staged but accurate – and it caused an explosive debate to unfold.

‘I know this is a skit, and I know this guy is a tool. But there’s is some base to what he’s trying to convey. A lot of girls really do just accept dates to go out and get free food,’ one man said.

‘It’s very hurtful and dehumanizing for a guy to really like you and have to sit through a whole dinner that he knows you only showed up to because he was gonna pay,’ he added.

He explained he had been on a date where a woman obviously wasn’t interested and left when the entrees arrived – wishing her well – and explained he wasn’t going to sit around and watch her eat for free. 

But others had a different view – with many calling the man toxic and telling her to ‘run’.

‘Everything that came out of his mouth was wrong- please tell me this is stated because that sounded like toxic masculinity at its worst,’ one woman said.

‘This sounds like my toxic ex. He made me pay for everything for two years and told me how lucky I should feel to be with him,’ said another.

‘I once went on a date where the guy told me his card did not work and that he would send me the money back but he never did lmao. To all girls out there, never pay for a dude if he is not your man. Total waste of money,’ warned another. 

Some praised her.

‘Boss moment ‘can you stop talking I’m trying to eat.’ Absolute assassination to his ego that was unfortunately necessary.’

But other women said they would have left much earlier on in the meal. 

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