Ultrasound For Face: How It Works, Benefits, And Side Effects

A new procedure known as ultrasonic facial shaping is being used by people with loose and aging skin. It can help them look their best and avoid having surgical scars. It can also help reinvigorate the skin around the face.

It is also more effective for patients as it allows them to recover quickly. This procedure is different from other medical imaging procedures. The procedure, which is also referred to as HIFU, or High-intensity focused ultrasound, is a painless and non-invasive procedure that can be performed on the skin. It uses the energy from the device to stimulate the production of collagen.

In addition to treating tumors, high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) can also be used for various procedures such as eyebrow lifting and wrinkles. After just a few months, you can see results that are visible immediately.

Although high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is commonly used for various skin conditions, such as neck lifting and skin rejuvenation, it is not yet approved by the FDA. More research is needed to determine which procedure is best for individuals.

How Does It Work?

Compared to laser devices, ultrasound for face skin tightening is more effective. It penetrates 5 millimeters deep into the skin, which is where the second layer of muscles is located. This is very important, as it allows for the production of collage in these lower layers.

The skin’s dermis layer contains most of its specialized cells and structures, which it loses its ability to produce collagen once you reach the age of 20. As women get older, their estrogen levels drop, making them look thinner and drier.

The procedure involves using ultrasound to stimulate collagen production in the dermis, which then helps tighten and look younger.

Reports about the safety and effectiveness of ultrasound have been presented. The American Board of Plastic Surgery has also stated that it can be performed safely and effectively.

What Ultrasound For Face Do To The Skin?

The study, which involved participants from Korea, revealed that using a high-intensity focused ultrasound facial can improve the appearance of wrinkles. After the procedure, the appearance of the skin around the mouth, cheeks, and jaws improved for around three to six months after being treated.

The appearance of the neck and skin improve.

For the study, specialists analyzed the results of 73 women and 2 men who had undergone a high-intensity focused ultrasound procedure (HIFU). The doctors found that the procedure significantly improved the appearance of both facial and neck skin.

It improves the elasticity of the skin.

A study revealed that the procedure can improve the appearance of skin elasticity. It was performed on 24 participants for four, seven, and 12 weeks. After the procedure, the researchers found that the skin’s elasticity had improved in all the areas that were treated.

Eyebrows and eyelids lift, drooping.

A study has revealed that lifting the lower eyelids using ultrasound can improve the appearance of drooping eyebrows and eyelids. This procedure is commonly performed on patients with fat bulges. This condition is frequently seen in adults and is characterized by signs of aging. It can also lead to lower skin laxity and wrinkles.

In a case involving a 70-year-old Korean man, a micro-focused ultrasound procedure was performed to treat an eye condition. The procedure resulted in an improvement in the patient’s condition and was very satisfied with the results.

Skin chest tightening

The procedure, which is commonly used to meet the demand for skin tightening, involves using micro-focused ultrasound. This procedure is used to promote the production of collagen, and it can also be used to tighten loose skin. It can also be used with other procedures to achieve the same results.

The Side Effects

There are various benefits and drawbacks to every treatment method. For instance, while ultrasound for a face is relatively safe, it is still essential to be aware of the possible side effects. In addition, it is also possible to resume your normal activities after the procedure.

The redness that persists for a day after treatment continues. It can also last for a month or more. Swelling that lasts for a week or more can occur when a cold compress is used to treat a wound, and the skin bleeding under the dermis can also continue to remain for a couple of weeks.

In some cases, you may experience partial paresis of the motor nerves or palpable nodules under the skin. These complications should be reported to your doctor. At Sofwave treatment, we’re always ready to address your concerns!