Style influencer wows the internet by revealing unique EARRING hack

French fashion influencer wows the internet with genius styling hack – revealing how she uses a pair of EARRINGS to transform any look

  • A Parisian fashion hack went viral on TikTok after a creator broke down her outfit 
  • Kenza Kaci used vintage gold hoop earrings to cinch her vest with pizazz 
  • The creator urged her followers to try the simple jewelry experiment at home 

Want to completely change how your trendy top looks with minimal effort and zero money?

Well one New York-based TikTok content creator has the answer after picking up a very unique styling hack during a recent trip to Paris.  

Linoya Friedman, who created the blog What People Are Wearing to showcase chic outfits across the globe, shared a TikTok in which she asked French influencer Kenza Kaci about her outfit of the day. 

While showing off her ensemble, which included a shimmering Zara skirt and Vagabond boots, Kenza revealed how she had taken a simple navy waistcoat and transformed it into an edgy statement piece, using a pair of earrings in order to create an asymmetrical silhouette on one shoulder. 

Fashion blogger Linoya Friedman picked up a unique earring styling hack from Kenza Kaci (pictured) while visiting Paris

Kenza shared details about her outfit of the day, including motorcycle boots and a sequined skirt – as well as the vintage ears secured to her top

Linoya tried the gold earrings on her maroon vest for a pop of subtle hardware that matched her necklace and bracelets 

Kenza had pinned the chunky gold earrings around one side of the waistcoat in order to gather the fabric together, a trick that Linoya immediately raced to try herself. 

Documenting her own attempt at recreating the hack, Linoya described it as the ‘coolest thing she had ever seen’, before putting the trick to use with her own waistcoat. 

‘I don’t have a navy vest like hers or a glitter skirt, but I have earrings, so let’s see if this works,’ she said while putting a pair of earrings around her own top. 

‘Wow,’ she went on after affixing the earrings to her waistcoat. 

‘I’m happy. I would have never in a million years imagined wearing something like this.

‘Let’s please make this a trend.’  

‘The earrings thing is brilliant! Love the sequins!’ one of Linoya’s followers raved, as another called the simple hack ‘genius.’ 

Fans flocked to the comments to rave about the easy earring hack, with one person explaining how they used it when they didn’t want to lose their earrings

‘If I tried this I’d look crazy. She looks fabulous,’ another complimented.

The TikTok creator, who sells vintage bags, travels all over the world to ask trendy people what they’re wearing and shows her followers how to recreate their ensembles.

The stylish influencer asked her followers to recreate the look and tag her, because she’s ‘dying to see how you’re gonna do this thing,’ urging them to make this a trend and give the original creator credit. 

Some commenters had suggestions on keeping the trend going. 

‘I would try with one earring on each strap, hers looks good with it on one side bc (because) of the way the shirt is cut,’ one fashionista suggested. 

‘This would look super cute on a one shoulder top or dress in black,’ another advised. 

She secured the bling! Meet the chic fashionista who shared the jewelry solution 

  • Linoya grew up in Tel Aviv before moving to New York 
  • The viral TikTok sensation travels the world to capture trendy people’s outfits for her blog and social media page What People Are Wearing
  • Then, the Israeli fashion expert re-imagines the same outfits at home  
  • The fashion content creator offers social media and photography services  

Day 3/30 of recreating outfits from What People Are Wearing! This time I didn’t fully recreate the look but the styling hack! What do you think? Would you wear this or not? 🩵😊 #stylingtip #stylinghack #paris #streetstyle #streetfashion #parisian

One joked: ‘Lol i literally do this allll the time when my earrings bug me and I don’t want to lose them! glad it’s considered a cute accessory!’ 

A fashion follower suggested using tiny hoops instead, especially if your tank top is a bit too big.

However, not everyone in the comments section was quite as positive. One critic snarked, ‘You need to live more if that is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen.’ 

Despite the hint of negative feedback, the sweet jewelry solution was largely applauded by people eager to try it out on their own. 

If you have a few too many earrings at home and want to figure out a way to include the baubles in your everyday outfits, consider adding them to your top. 

Either pop them on the strap (one or both) or use them in the back of a tank top to bring the straps together. 

You’ll have all new outfit options before you know it.

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