My pals threw me surprise divorce party when my marriage ended – it was epic

A woman who was thrown a surprise divorce party by her friends when her marriage ended said it was 'epic'.

Allison Radford was treated to the surprise bash, organised by her pal Steph Murphy, 30, which included a cake, champagne wall and balloon arch. The black cake and bespoke cookies, which were decorated with divorce-related phrases like 'I've got 99 problems, but a husband isn't one' and 'divorced AF', were made for free by a friend.

The 33-year-old, who had no idea about the plans for the night, was told to wear white and arrived at her friend Megan's house blindfolded to find all her pals wearing black dresses – to "celebrate" the end of her marriage.

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A party bus was booked for the end of the evening, but a school bus turned up instead. The friends rounded off the night dancing and drinking fire shots at Martini Bar on George Street, Newfoundland, Canada.

Allison, a housing coordinator from Newfoundland, Canada, said: "I was so shocked and thrilled – the idea of a divorce party never occurred to me. All of the little touches were so special the cookies were amazing. They even decorated the wine bottles with the date of my divorce. I'm very lucky to have some very supportive friends."

"It was better than any birthday party I've ever had. I had a really fun night it was definitely a big surprise."

Allison had been with her ex-partner for six years and married for three, when the pair decided to separate in 2021, and she said there were two more years of proceedings.

She added: "We're still on good terms, but we were better off apart. I was more relieved than anything when it was all finalised it was exciting to start a new chapter."

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The friends organised the event on June 24 this year using a secret group chat. Allison was led into the room blinded-folded by the girls to reveal the big surprise. She says she was "thrilled" with everything the girls had planned for the party.

A clip of Allison's "epic" divorce party was posted on TikTok and received 10,00 views and lots of positive comments. Allison said: "There were so many nice comments on the video. I was so overwhelmed by the work they put, especially Steph. She was the main ideas lady.

"I'm the first one to get divorce and the first to have a party. Hopefully no one else will – but it's great to know how supportive my friends are."

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