Kevin Federline Considers Legal Action Against Britney Spears To Increase Child Support Payments

Although Kevin Federline and Britney Spears’ eldest son just turned 18, the DJ is hoping to get a child support increase from his ex-wife for their younger son.

TMZ reported on Monday that K-Fed is contemplating taking legal action to request an increase in his current child support payments from the pop star, which are $40,000 per month.

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The report highlighted that the existing amount, which Kevin, 45, currently receives, is based on the assumption that each parent has custody of the children for 50 percent of the time.

However, the outlet pointed out that Sean Preston, 18, and Jayden James, 16, have been residing exclusively with their father for the past several years, even relocating to Hawaii with him last month. Moreover, it was noted that the couple’s eldest son just turned 18 on Thursday, thereby reducing Spears’ mandatory payments by half.

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There was speculation earlier this year that Kevin might seek increased child support after relocating to Hawaii with his family, a state known for its extended child support laws. Hawaii is unique among U.S. states for having extended child support laws, which, in specific cases, could require a parent to maintain payments until the child turns 23 years old.

In June, it was reported that Kevin had plans to move to a tropical state. The motivation behind this decision was his wife, Victoria Prince, receiving a job offer from the University of Hawaii.

Kevin was said to have sought Britney’s consent for the boys’ relocation, even though he already had primary custody. According to reports, Britney did not raise any objections, especially considering that her sons had purportedly declined in-person visits with her for more than a year.

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However, Kevin refuted these rumors at the time. “A lot of people say a lot of stupid things,” he said to reporters who caught up with him shortly after the rumors began circulating.

For now, it doesn’t appear K-Fed has made an official court filing requesting a revision to their child support agreement.

Britney hasn’t addressed recent rumors that her ex-husband wants more money, but one report claimed the singer felt “relieved” earlier this month, as the payments should reduce, since her eldest son was about to be 18.

“Britney is relieved that Sean is turning 18 on September 14 because she is tired of paying Kevin the insane amount of money he is getting,” a source exclusively told Daily Mail.

However, if Kevin does take action, Britney may be paying more in legal fees than just her ongoing divorce from Sam Asghari.

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