Kelly Clarkson and Kyle Richards Hilariously Complain About Uncomfortable Halloween Costumes

Clarkson also recalled the time she ripped a pair of tight leather pants — while going commando! — on the set of a music video.

Kelly Clarkson and Kyle Richards have proven that celebrities are, in fact, just like us.

As shown in a behind-the-scenes clip from Tuesday’s Halloween episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Clarkson and Richards bonded over being uncomfortable in their Halloween costumes.

The singer and talk show host was dressed as a vampire, complete with fake teeth and fangs, while the RHOBH star rocked a Catwoman costume that featured a body-hugging spandex bodysuit.

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The interview outtake began with Clarkson, 41, telling producers off-camera that she was unsure she was going to be able to conduct the interview while wearing her vampire teeth.

“I’m trying to get used to it, but it’s, like, a lot,” she said, to which Richard, 54, chimed in. “You know what else is a lot? How tight my bodysuit is.”

“I basically feel like I have one big Spanx on from ankle to neck,” she added, with Clarkson telling her she looks “amazing.”

Richards continued to express her concerns about her costume, admitting that she hadn’t sat down in her skintight bodysuit until she stopped by Clarkson’s daytime talk show … and was worried it might rip.

“So if you hear a loud noise, I will cover myself with a pillow,” she quipped.

This prompted Clarkson to recall a time when she actually did tear her pants, revealing that she ripped a pair of leather pants while filming the “Since U Been Gone” music video.

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“The director was like, ‘Can you go down?'” she said. “I was in really tight leather pants.”

“And he was like, ‘Go down, and pop back up,'” Clarkson continued, “I was like, ‘Okay, cool!” “And I went down, and I just, whoop!”

And I was commando,” she said, to which Richards jokingly asked if there is footage of the Grammy winner’s wardrobe malfunction. Clarkson added, “The drummer — I was like, ‘Oh s–t man, that’s a lot of moon, man. I’m sorry!'”

And it seems that Richards wasn’t too worried about the possibility of ripping her bodysuit — even after hearing Clarkson’s story — as she later showed off her very impressive party trick: doing the splits!

Check it out in the clip, above!

Meanwhile, during their interview, Richards opened up about the supernatural experiences she’s experienced in her house, which she invited Clarkson to.

See more in the interview, below!

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