Jessel Taank Reveals Where RHONY Cast Stands After Tear-Filled Reunion (Exclusive)

"We all went through a rollercoaster of an experience, and highs and lows and emotions," Jessel Taank said of the emotional season 14 RHONY reunion. "I think that there has been a lot of reflection, self-reflection and otherwise."

The Real Housewives of New York are back at BravoCon following an emotional season 14 reunion.

Breakout star, Jessel Taank, spoke with TooFab at the convention in Las Vegas over the weekend, about the tear-filled two-part special, and shared where the cast stands now.

“I think things are fine. I really do think the reunion ironed out a lot of issues,” Taank said before explaining why she and her cast mates walked the BravoCon carpet separately.

She continued, “I think we’re doing the carpet separately because of logistics. I just landed today.”

Taank said that while there was certainly plenty of ups and downs during the season and the reunion that followed, there’s also been time for reflection, which she said has brought the cast clarity as they hopefully gear up for a 15th season.

“We all went through a rollercoaster of an experience, and highs and lows and emotions,” Taank said. “I think that there has been a lot of reflection, self-reflection and otherwise.”

She added, “We’re gonna be back and raring to go for another season, hopefully.”

Taank, who was on the carpet alongside cast mate and friend, Brynn Whitfield, touched on their dynamic friendship, telling TooFab, “BJ is a thing!”

More than just a play on the pair’s initials, Taank said the two have lots in common, including their love of fashion and a good laugh.

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“When I met Brynn, I just knew that we were gonna be tag teaming this together,” she gushed. “We’re cut from the same cloth in a way. Our personalities are very similar, and we love jokes. We love a good time. We love fashion.”

Taank added, “The fans know where the true talent is.”

Whitfield, who also spoke with TooFab, also touched on feeling the love from fans, who showered her with fan bracelets, amongst other things.

“A fan came up to me and brought a Purdue University pin, and that’s my alma mater and it was just the nicest thing in the whole world,” Whitfield told TooFab. “Never did I think my undergraduate degree would lead me here but, look at me now!”

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She also dished on being single on the show, and whether that led to any spicy DMs from guys watching, and confirmed that “dudes love it,” referring to the show. But, she lamented, “Nobody wanted to film with me last year.”

“I think now seeing it, understanding it, I think people now might be more open to filming,” she added. “We need someone to film with, you know?”

The Real Housewives of New York City wrapped its 14th season just last month.

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