I worked at Tesco & it was a nightmare – they've got ridiculously high expectations & don't even mention Christmas | The Sun

A WOMAN who used to work at Tesco has revealed why the supermarket role was a nightmare for her.

Eleanor worked for the supermarket for a full seven years, but decided to share a video explaining the things they "don't tell you about when you start working at Tesco".

"You're basically required to be open every single day of the week – you have to be very flexible with your hours," she claimed in her TikTok.

"You have to be open to work basically every single day.

"You can't choose which day you work, it just has to be whatever day is free, basically.

"So if you don't want to work weekends, don't go for a job there.

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"Because the majority of times they need weekend staff more than they need weekday staff.

"There's no flexibility."

Eleanor added that it was apparently "frowned upon" if she went home at the time her shift ended.

"God forbid you had an actual life outside of that job," she sighed.

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"The expectations are so high for literally working in a supermarket, it's a bit ridiculous really."

And things got a whole lot worse around Christmas, she claimed.

Eleanor said that Tesco, or any supermarket, isn't the place to work if you want time off around Christmas, Easter or New Year.

In Tesco's case, they only close on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday – they're open the other 363 days of the year.

But Eleanor alleged that the holidays "don't really exist" in a supermarket if you're working there.

She's also worked during the Christmas period, which she doesn't advise either.

"Working in a supermarket over Christmas time is probably the most hellish thing I've ever experienced in my whole, entire life," she said.

"And obviously every other supermarket is exactly the same so I'm not just saying it's Tesco – every single supermarket during any holidays is just awful."

Elsewhere in the video, Eleanor claimed that Tesco promotes a "team environment" for staff but then tells them off anytime they talk to a fellow employee.

It's also frowned upon if they take theirbreak when it's busy, she alleged.

Eleanor also claimed that there's a new policy which involves each member of staff being able to work in any department.

But she managed to dodge that as it was introduced as she left.

"I luckily managed to dodge checkouts for the full seven years that I worked there," she said.

"Checkouts just seem like a hellhole to me!"

People were quick to comment on Eleanor's video, with one writing: "Unfortunately this is 90% of retail jobs".

"I think everyone should be required to work in retail, especially at Christmas just once in their lives, cos it is hell on earth," another added.

"I don't miss retail! I never used to stay a minute later," a third wrote.



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But someone else insisted: "I think you were in a bad store, this isn’t true for all Tesco stores."

To which Eleanor replied: "I know it isn’t, I’m just speaking from my experience."

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