I tried Côtes Christmas menu – the mountain of profiteroles are to die for

Looking for modern French dining without having to fork out for a trip across the channel? It’s Côte, of course. The chain restaurant is often the go-to when you’re feeling a little fancy but would rather not break the bank in the process.

So when we were invited down to test out their Christmas menu, we jumped at the chance to see whether their three courses were up to scratch.

So will Cote's French inspired festive grub be a match for your mum's roasties? That's often a tough challenge. But on glance, it looks like this menu might be able to knock your traditional Christmas dinner off its nostalgic pedestal.

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For starters, a prawn thermidor. On first look I thought I’d been served some sort of baked cheese dish so I was instantly intrigued.

After having a nibble on the smoked salmon canape, I wondered if I wanted more fish with my Christmas meal going forward. It's not something I usually do, but it definitely feels like a nice treat.

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The king prawns were cooked in a lobster mornay gratin with Comté cheese which created a smooth and warming texture. Again, I'm not one to pair cheese with fish – but it was a real winner.

The starter came garnished with shreds of apple which put a sweet twist on the savoury starter, which was welcomed. It was a light yet flavoursome start to the seasonal feast.

Now, I'm very passionate that turkey should be the only meat offered on Christmas dinner (bar the pigs and blankets of course). However, a 30-day-aged chateaubriand might just sway my hardcore festive dinner opinions.

Despite turkey being an option on Côte's Christmas menu, I was served the juiciest looking steak. It was a 22oz fillet – a real melt in your mouth kind.

Often, the type of meat can suffer from either being too chewy or too tough, which ends up being some sort of awkward brawl between your teeth and the steak.

But my beefy reservations, this was succulent and delicious. It looked as if it was pulled straight from a Christmas advert, and tasted as good as it looks.

Even better, the steak came with dauphinois, broccoli and a whole other bunch of fancy French prepared veg. Definitely no chance of leaving hungry!

When I hear the word profiterole, I get excited. When I see profiteroles, I get giddy. But, a mountain of hazelnut and white chocolate profiteroles finished with a dusting of sugar snow – I’m immediately in a dessert heaven induced trance.

Spoon to hand quickly turned to profiterole shakily balancing on spoon to mouth. They’re as delicious as they look and sound.

The mini ball-like pastries are filled with white chocolate mouse and topped with chocolate and hazelnut sauce, raspberries, vanilla ice cream and of of course the theatrical sugar dusting.

I’m one who usually struggles to leave room for dessert, but promise me you’ll want to keep a profiterole mound shaped space in your belly for your Christmas meal at Côte.

So the verdict? Each course continually got better, one after another.

For me, I’m usually happy with a starter and main. But with a menu that looks and tastes as good as this, I’m willing to pace myself to enjoy a Christmas themed course. Despite the weather, I’m willing to put on a coat and head to Côte to feast with my eyes and belly again.

The menu starts at £34.95 per person, dependant on location. To see the full Christmas menu at Cote, access the website here.

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