I sold sexy Snapchats while I was skint teacher – my hubby was vice principal

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    A mum-of-four who became a millionaire by selling raunchy content says it all started when she secretly sold Snapchat videos – while employed as a special needs teacher.

    Courtney Tillia met her husband at the school she worked at but she felt unfulfilled by the traditional career.

    And she described the romantic relationship as "a little scandalous” because they hooked up while he was the vice principal and she was a first year teacher.

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    However, they now have four children together and they went from declaring bankruptcy and having just $20 for groceries to now boasting generational wealth.

    And Courtney, who lives with her loved ones in Los Angeles, opened up with British adult actress Tanya Tate on her Skinfluencer Success podcast about how dramatically her life changed.

    Speaking about how she first made money from her pictures, she said: “While I was still teaching, people had started DMing me being like ‘could I buy some private content’ and this was way before OnlyFans existed.

    “People would be like, ‘can we pay like 300 bucks for a couple minute video’ and I was like ‘I don’t know’… I grew up super religious so I was like ‘I don’t know about this, this is crazy’.

    “But at the same time, man $300? That’s what I make as a teacher with a master’s degree almost, like it takes me a couple days to make that.

    “So we did a couple of those and I was like well that’s actually kind of fun and I can make some good little money. So we started selling content on Snapchat and social media before OnlyFans even had started.”

    Courtney had been building her profile online by running a private Instagram account under a different name while she was teaching.

    At the time she was training for bodybuilding competitions and she would upload her progress pictures. But the content eventually got “a little sexier” and this led to her followers asking for private requests.

    Explaining her mindset back then, she said: “I was depressed and anxious and really unhappy. My husband came to me one day and said ‘this can’t continue like this, this isn’t going to work’.”

    She then quit the school and embraced being a personal trainer while modelling at the same time. But it was in 2019 when her fortunes truly transformed after joining OnlyFans.

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    The mum had grown frustrated with Instagram for imposing stricter guidelines on what you could publish and this led to her selling saucy pictures via a newer medium.

    She explained: “I had seen people posting about OnlyFans and so I talked to my husband and I was like ‘what do you think about it’ and he was like ‘absolutely do it’.

    “It would be cool to make like $500 a month because that’s my car payment, we live in LA, so $500 is great side money and my very first month I made $1,500… well this is pretty great, this is fun and it was content I was already making anyway.”

    Courtney has now made a full-time career from it and has been featured on the Dr. Phil Show to share her rags to riches story. Her lowest point came after a flooding at the family home left them temporarily homeless and bankrupt.

    But the self-made woman now manages her own OnlyFans training course with the help of her 22-year-old daughter who designed the website and helps to upload programmes to it.

    And despite being her own boss and trying to combine motherhood with her work, she said: “When I was a teacher it was so much harder because not only did I work 9-5, I had to come home and do paperwork, and do mom and I was going to school to get my masters and my PHD, that seemed harder than it is now.

    “Don’t get me wrong, I work hard and I work a lot, but it is different, it is something I love and I enjoy and I get to create my schedule.”

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