How to practice self-care for good health?

The balance of physical and moral health is the key to well-being and longevity. To maintain balance, you need to introduce 8 rules into your life, following which you will become healthier and happier. Within a week, you will notice an improvement in your condition.

Rule 1 – Good Sleep

There is an opinion that an adult should sleep 8 hours a night, although depending on the individual needs of the body, a correlation of +2 or -2 hours applies. It is mandatory to sleep at night during the same period of the night each day.

Make a mode for yourself. Lie down within a time and try to wake up also according to plan. To improve the quality of sleep, doctors advise putting away all electronic devices (phone, tablet, computer) 1-2 hours before bedtime.

All light sources should be absent during sleep, and the bedroom temperature should not exceed 65 degrees Fahrenheit. A lower air temperature can provoke nightmares. And an extra source of light will make sleep superficial. You’ll wake up tired.

Only with regular observance of all aspects, your sleep will become of high quality, and you will always feel cheerful in the morning, ready for a new active day.

If you have sleep problems such as insomnia, consult your doctor to prescribe sleeping pills. For example, in Mexican pharmacy or American pharmacy, you can find a wide range of excellent medicines for fast falling asleep.

Rule 2 – Body water balance

Water balance is the ratio of water entering and leaving the body in one period. Normally, the difference between the two indicators should be zero. Disturbance of water balance leads to serious consequences.

People who do not consume enough water age earlier, because the skin becomes dry and not elastic. Joints also lose elasticity, which leads to disruption of their work. Fluid deficiency provokes the body to accumulate it in adipose tissue for reserve.

All this can be accompanied by a headache and a feeling of constant fatigue. The water rate per day for an adult is 1.7-2.8 liters, depending on body weight.

Rule 3 – Balanced Eating

A balanced diet includes a daily intake of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in a certain ratio. Also, a balanced diet should include the following nutrients, vitamins, and macronutrients:

• Fiber

• Vitamin A

• Vitamin C

• Potassium

• Calcium

• Saturated Fat

• Sodium

• Iron, Etc.

Quality nutrition includes many elements – the most basic ones we have listed above. Their percentage in the body should be high and constant.

We advise you to consume such products daily: whole cereals, vegetables, legumes, fruits and berries, fish, nuts and seeds, and meat (or soybeans). Do not limit yourself also in the consumption of dessert, if you do not have medical contraindications. Glucose (sugar) is essential for good brain function. The main thing is to consume sweets in small quantities and not replace them with a full meal. Berries and dried fruits are excellent substitutes for sweets.

Rule 4 – Dietary Supplements

Sometimes the diet cannot fully support the body’s need for vitamins and micronutrients, especially after diseases that exhaust the body. The list of frequently needed dietary supplements includes:

• Omega-3 fish oil

• Whey protein

• Probiotics

• Collagen

• Calcium and Magnesium

• Vitamin C

• Multivitamin

• Biotin

• Krill oil

• Coenzyme Q10

• Carnitine

Consult your health care provider about prescribing dietary supplements. Buy only high-quality drugs. Certified Mexican pharmacy has already earned the trust of users and reached the level of American and European pharmaceuticals. In addition, the Mexican pharmacy presents recent developments and a wide range of additives. Be sure to consult your health care provider before buying.

Rule 5 – Exercise

Physical activity is very important for a healthy body. It can be morning/evening jogging, walking at least 8,000 steps, going to the gym, yoga, wrestling, swimming, or any other activity that pleases you. Remember that you should not overexert yourself either. The exercise is gradual, within the limits of your individual norm.

At the beginning of training, it will be difficult, but during physical activity, our brain produces dopamine, endorphin, serotonin, and oxytocin. With every minute of training, the mood will rise. If physical activity is regular, the brain itself will require new stimulation. It’s an amazing habit that makes us healthier, happier and more energetic.

Rule 6 – Forget Self-Medication

Feeling broken and unproductive for a long time? – It is worth seeing a doctor. Self-medication harms your health, even if you deducted about a miracle drug on the Internet or a friend advised you. Before buying somewhere and taking medicine, check with your doctor and make sure your medicine source is reliable.

In the Mexican pharmacy, online medicinesmexicorx can advise pharmacists. You can also ask questions about the interaction of drugs, side effects, contraindications. Only the best Mexican pharmacies can provide the services of online consultants, but there are more and more of them.

Also important is the annual examination of the body. Blood tests, visits to a therapist, gynecologist or urologist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, or cardiologist will help you always maintain health and be sure that you do not have any problems. Visit also other doctors if you need consultations because of chronic disease. Still, prevention is better and cheaper (why be cunning) than treatment.

Rule 7 – Mental Health Care

Don’t forget about your mental health. A good mood is a key to excellent physical well-being:

• Rest regularly, do not overload yourself with work

• Connect with people you enjoy spending time with

• Set aside free time for mental hobbies

• See a psychologist if necessary

• Eliminate stress and anxiety triggers from life

• Do not drink alcohol and tobacco excessively

• Express your emotions

• Meditate

If you feel you are not coping, psychological therapy and a course of drugs will probably improve your well-being. Visit a specialist in this area and, if they prescribe a course of treatment for you, be sure to follow them regularly and do not interrupt.

A Mexican online pharmacy can offer a wonderful selection of medications for anxiety and depression. The main thing is not to take medications without a prescription.

Rule 8 – hygiene and body treatments

Use quality shower gels, shampoos, and soaps to avoid skin aging and allergic reactions. Do not forget body cream and intimate hygiene. Also, it is not advisable to bathe in very hot water, because high temperatures negatively affect the cardiovascular and reproductive systems. Health is all about balance. Follow the rules, love yourself and you will be healthy.