Fitness fanatic's BIZARRE diet includes 4LBS of watermelon

Svelte fitness fanatic’s BIZARRE raw vegan diet that sees her eating 10LBS of food a day – including 4LBS of watermelon and five apples – leaves the internet baffled… as she claims it’s the key for achieving a ‘flat stomach’

  • Paige Shay, 27, shared her fruit-heavy diet, which she swears keeps her abs flat
  • She eats 10lbs of food a day – with four pounds of watermelon and five apples
  • Many have expressed concern, but the fitness fanatic says it keeps her slim

An influencer has revealed the food she eats to stay fit – and it involves consuming half a watermelon for breakfast.

Paige Shay, who touts herself as a fitness and beauty influencer, shared what she ate in a day to maintain her toned abs.

In the YouTube clip titled, What I Eat In A Day For A FLAT STOMACH, which has been viewed more 7.2 million times, Paige starts the day with half a watermelon, which she grabs from her ‘stash.’

‘I always like to start out the day with fruits that have a high water content they’re just so refreshing and hydrating,’ the 27-year-old explained.

Paige Shay, 27, who touts herself as a fitness and beauty influencer, has shared what she eats in a day to maintain a ‘flat stomach’

She then eats a five whole apples, saving some for lunch, and snacks on some green grapes

‘I’ll be having about four pounds of watermelon. For lunch I’m having [apples],’ the raw vegan added, showing the latter cut up and piled high in a bowl.

‘Apples are my absolute favorite.

‘They’re so crispy and sweet they are so delicious and I didn’t eat quite all of the apples – I had a few slices left over.’

Paige then had a bowl of green grapes for a snack, and finished off the leftovers of the five apples she cut up in the morning for lunch.

The content creator doesn’t appear to eat more than just fruit until dinner, where she eats a massive bowl of noodles and a green salad.

‘For dinner I had brown rice ramen noodles with a peanut Thai sauce,’ she explained.

‘Along with some broccoli and mushrooms, some red bell peppers and some green onions salad along with this.’

The health conscious woman says she doesn’t forget about dessert, having two slices of millet bread with a tablespoon of maple syrup.

She then makes a big bowl of brown rice ramen noodles with a Thai peanut sauce and a green onion salad

Paige then finishes the day with some slices of millet bread and maple syrup

Despite people saying she doesn’t get enough nutrients from her diet, Paige says she works out a lot

‘Normally I eat a big bowl of potatoes for dinner,’ she shared. 

‘I typically have a whole grain about one to two times a week and whenever I do have whole grains I like to eat a lot of vegetables along with them just to help with satiation and feeling full.’

Paige’s fruity diet: Raw vegan breaks down what she eats in a day

Breakfast: 4lb of watermelon and five apples

Lunch: Snacks on leftover apple she cut up for breakfast and a bowl of grapes

Dinner: Brown rice ramen noodles with a Thai peanut sauce with broccoli, mushrooms, red bell peppers and green onion salad

Dessert: Two slices of millet bread with maple syrup

Paige also posts her meals and workouts to TikTok and Instagram, where some users question the fitness fanatics meals – many pointing out she doesn’t appear to eat a lot of proteins or fats.

Paige, who doesn’t eat meat, gluten, dairy or eggs, insists she gets enough nutrients from her plant- and fruit-based diet.

In one viral video she posted to TikTok in April, the vlogger broke down what she ate in a day – baffling viewers with her extreme fruit intake.

‘For a snack, I’m having papaya, and for lunch, nine mangoes,’ she continues.

She then has a large bowl of blackberries, and for dinner, a large baby spring mixed salad and 50 pieces of vegetable sushi, which she makes herself.

‘Clean carbs don’t make you fat,’ she quipped. ‘They make you fit.’

Horrified and curious TikTok users commented on the post, some concerned about the lack of variation in her diet.

‘But where are the rest of the nutrients you need to survive??’ one user asked.

‘That’s way too much sugar tho,’ another stressed. ‘Even though it’s natural, it like way too much for a single day.’

In a previous TikTok video, Paige reveals she eats nine mangos for lunch sometimes 

TikTok users expressed their concern over the lack of variety in her diet, many questioning how she gets enough protein

‘You’re eating more than most men because your not consuming calories your consuming volume,’ someone else argued.

Paige first became a raw vegan in 2018, saying she was stuck in a vicious circle of fad diets and over exercising, only eating 1,300-calories a day and going to the gym for an hour-and-a-half a day, six times a week.

She said she started to consume between 2,500 and 3,000 calories every day from 10lb of raw fruits and vegetables, and saw her weight go from 135lbs to 115lbs – claiming it also cleared up her acne and helped her digestion. 

Some online observers have drawn parallels between Paige and the controversial Australian raw vegan Freelee, whose real name is Leanne Ratcliffe.

Freelee made headlines in 2020 after sharing what she consumes in a day.

Her video of her meal times on TikTok saw her encouraging her more than one million fans to eat less meat.

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