Black alien body modification fan shows off extreme look and says Im crazy

The body modification addict on a mission to look like an alien showed off his extreme look in a recent post.

Anthony Loffredo has spent decades on his body mods and tattoos where he calls himself the "Black Alien Project".

He's completed 62% of his transformation, but the Frenchman is far from over in his quest.

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In a bid to look as inhumane as possible, the body mod addict amputated his nose, ears and two fingers.

He's also inked his eyeballs and got a green forked tongue with 1.4million Instagram fans following his journey.

Now in a recent post, Anthony called himself "very crazy" as he showcased his unique appearance.

He wrote: "I'm not crazy, I'm very crazy. Black Alien Project Evolution 62%."

Recently the 35-year-old teased his grisliest procedure yet where he hopes to scar his face.

While the gruesome procedures would spark fear in most, it's unlikely to faze him as he's often going under the knife.

Recently he had a face reconstruction done in Madrid, Spain, where he's currently based.

And back in June, he shared plans to have a leg amputation to become more robotic.

Now since he shared the post where he posed from the front, it racked up a lot of attention on Instagram.

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One wrote: "I like people who do what they want no matter what they say, my respects."

Another added: "I'm in love," while a third gushed: "Don't let anyone tell you how to live your life."

But others were full of opinions, as one slated: "Boy, you're destroying yourself!

"Which surgeon amputates ears, nose and implants any parts under the skin? Horrible."

And a second commented: "Don't do it bro."

Previously, Anthony visited Barcelona-based modifier Oscar Marquez to get his nose removed.

The surgeon carried out the procedure known as a "rhinotomy", which left Anthony with a gaping hole in his face.

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In other jaw-dropping operation, he had both of his ears surgically removed.

He also risked tongue-splitting, which involves cutting the muscular organ in two with a scalpel.

As well as this, Anthony braved getting his eyeballs tattooed even though the inkings could leave you blind.

To achieve an extra-terrestrial appearance, Anthony's also had dermal implants done.

This involves placing reptilitan-like implants under the skin to give it a bumpier texture.

Anthony says he used to be a "very sexy guy" – but felt he had to transform himself because it was "not [his] real body".

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