Toyota Unveils Futuristic FT-Se Electric Sports Car Concept

Toyota has introduced its latest concept car, the FT-Se, a two-seater electric sports car, marking a step forward in the evolution of high-performance vehicles for the objectively carbon-neutral era. First shown and teased at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 in Tokyo, encapsulates Toyota’s vision of the future of driving.

The FT-Se, standing for “Future Toyota Sports Electric,” combines Toyota Gazoo Racing’s (GR) motorsport expertise with advanced electric technology, offering a glimpse into the evolving relationship between drivers and their cars. With a sleek and smooth silhouette, the FT-Se boasts a compact height of 1,220mm and a width of 1,895mm, reminiscent of classic sports cars. Its design features aerodynamic lines, distinctive trapezoidal shapes and a striking rear spoiler.

Inside, the cockpit is designed for an immersive driving experience, with a low instrument panel for enhanced visibility, while new-design kneepads protect the driver and passenger from G-forces.

Toyota expressed that its advancements in electrification and intelligent technology have been crucial in the development of the FT-Se. This includes enhanced handling stability and aerodynamic performance, which complement the responsive experience of its next-generation electric powertrain. Notably, the car’s latest batteries feature low height and high energy density, contributing to the vehicle’s performance capabilities. Additionally, the downsizing and weight reduction of components like the motor, transmission and air conditioning unit have opened new possibilities for enhancing traditional sports car qualities.

Like other electric concepts, the FT-Se is designed to evolve continuously through software updates, reflecting the driver’s lifestyle and individual values. Toyota envisions the FT-Se as not just a means of transportation but as a “lifestyle partner,” customizable to the owner’s preferences and offering convenient, stress-free operation.

Price and availability have not yet been revealed at the time of writing.
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