Livestock Celebrates G-SHOCK's 40th Anniversary With a Collaborative DW-6900

With only a handful of months left to get through in 2023, G-SHOCK is keeping its foot on the gas by carving out room for as many collaborative projects as it can. In recent memory, the watch company linked up with Coca-Cola and In4mation for special initiatives, and now it has tapped Livestock to provide its take on the classic DW-6900 model.

The timepiece takes inspiration from Tokyo’s renowned “Bayshore Route” — an infamous highway that encircles the city. During the 1990s, this highway gained notoriety as an illicit, high-stakes racing circuit for heavily modified street cars during the nighttime hours. The watch’s packaging is styled in a matching orange-red hue and features a car speedometer-inspired graphic on it. The watch’s design pays homage to this iconic highway, featuring the highway’s emblem on the strap, a race-inspired face cluster, Japanese dial instructions, and a meticulously laser-etched tachometer. It’s a remarkable fusion of style and history, encapsulating the spirit of Tokyo’s underground racing scene.

Those interested in picking up the watch can find it dropping via Livestock on September 8, 2023 and note that the retailer’s Vancouver and Toronto locations will be hosting events on September 7 and September 21 to celebrate the launch.

In other news, check out G-SHOCK’s recent collaboration with HIDDEN.NY.
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