C.P. Company To Launch New Label Massimo Osti Studio

The late Massimo Osti was known for his affinity as a fashion designer and fashion-oriented businessman – founding renowned labels Stone Island and C.P. Company. Now his brand, C.P. Company, is expanding its territory by launching a new brand entitled “Massimo Osti Studio.”

Committing to continuing Osti’s innovative design prowess, the new venture takes an experimental approach toward garment design. Aptly dedicated to textile innovation, it is expected that the new label will harbor the same vitality for visionary fabrics and fabric treatments that are seen with Stone Island and C.P. Company. Even though the new label remembers Osti’s legacy, it is meant to be an entirely new project of the C.P. Company arm and not serve as a sole nostalgic entity.

“We wanted to isolate it, to keep it pure and clean; to have the room to experiment 360 without risking confusion about what C.P. Company is,” said Massimo Osti’s son, Lorenzo Osti. “It’s like a sandbox for outerwear innovation.”

Additionally, the experimental label is set to follow a direct-to-consumer online and in-person activation model through select retailers. With creative director Robert Newman at the helm, Massimo Osti Studio is set to make its debut Paris Fashion Week for menswear on Wednesday, January 17.
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