Noah & Braison Cyrus Are Supposedly 'Supportive' Of Mom Tish Despite Ditching Her Wedding?? Uh…

We’ve been watching the fallout from Tish Cyrus‘ wedding this past weekend to Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell, and it seems like the whole Cyrus fam is now working double-time to smooth things over.

But should we really buy these new insider explanations?! After all, actions say more than words…

Here’s what we mean: so, Perezcious readers will no doubt recall our Monday morning report about how Tish and Dominic got hitched this past Saturday at a Malibu estate. Tish’s kids MileyBrandi, and Trace were there — but her other two children Noah and Braison ditched the wedding and hung out all day around El Lay. They very publicly posted themselves chilling at Walmart, eating a leisurely breakfast, wearing a Billy Ray Cyrus shirt, and enjoying a sleepover as if nothing else was going on over the weekend.

Naturally, that made fans assume there was a schism between Tish and her two kids amid the wedding ditch. And now, the Cyrus fam’s folks have gone into overdrive trying to correct the narrative!

For one, a source spoke to ET about Noah and Braison skipping out on the wedding. That insider denied anything was the matter between the trio, saying:

“There is no family drama between Tish, Noah and Braison. They are all supportive of Tish, but they are all doing their own things both career-wise and travel-wise, and it just didn’t work out for Noah and Braison to attend Tish’s wedding.”


If there’s no drama, why weren’t they there?? Or at the very least, why were Noah and Braison dead-set on posting to social media on the wedding day about how they were everywhere but the wedding?! Seems like a very pointed thing to do. Ya know?!

As for the Hannah Montana alum, that same source told ET that Miley merely wants to support her momma. The most famous of the Cyrus kids was on hand as Tish’s maid of honor, and the source explained the ceremony from Miley’s POV:

“Miley just wants to be there for her mom and wants her to be happy. She was glad to be there for her.”

Well that’s nice!

…But that’s not all!!!

A second source spoke to Us Weekly on Monday night about Noah and Braison’s absence. That insider hinted the kids may still be struggling with Tish’s prior split from longtime husband Billy Ray prior to getting with Purcell:

“Tish will always love her kids no matter what. She understands divorce might be challenging especially when she and Billy Ray had been together for so long.”

The insider went on to add:

“Tish has never pushed her relationship with Dominic on any of her children and that’s not something she would ever do. She gets that it’s an adjustment for the whole family and doesn’t expect everyone to be on board every step of the way.”

And concluded:

“ understands it’s possible that it may not be easy seeing her move on. … She just hopes everyone sees how happy Dominic makes her.”

And even that’s not all!!

The Us Weekly reported also cited a second source, as well. That insider very clearly stated the Cyrus fam is “at odds” over her and Billy’s romance. The Achy Break Heart crooner is engaged to the much younger singer Firerose, so both parties of the ex-couple have moved on.

With that, the second source explained the rift growing within:

“Tish is sad the family are at odds over her and Billy Ray’s respective romances. She’s trying not to give it too much energy and hopes it will ride itself out over time. It’s fairly well established that Noah and Braison have had a very tough time seeing their mom settle down with Dominic.”


Even with all that, the official family story is a smooth one — or at least attempting to be so. On Monday afternoon, amid social media rumblings of a family fracture involving Tish’s wedding, the newly-married woman and Noah jointly put out a statement via their reps claiming there was no family feud:

“Noah and Tish’s reps have spoken and can categorically confirm that this ‘source’ is absolutely false, and not from anyone close to the family. The family is shocked and hurt by the false narrative taking shape on both social media and in the press and ask that everyone please respect their need for privacy at this time.”

Seems clear, right?! But if there is no problem, we’ll ask again: why weren’t Noah and Braison at the wedding?! Especially considering they were in Los Angeles and screwing around at breakfast and Walmart at the time?? It wasn’t like they were busy with duties halfway across the country or something!!

Are you buying that official line, Perezcious readers??? Sound OFF with your reaction to all of it down in the comments (below)!

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