Michigan School Shooter Ethan Crumbley Sentenced To Life In Prison

Ethan Crumbley — the teenager who killed 4 students during a shooting rampage at a Michigan high school — has just been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The 17-year-old was given his sentence Friday … you’ll recall, Crumbley killed 4 of his classmates and wounded 7 other people when he opened fire at Oxford High School, in the Detriot suburb of Oxford Township, MI.

Ethan Crumbley appearing in court

Crumbley told the court he was “a really bad person” before he was handed his hefty sentence … adding he’s been trying to do better in his life but admits, “I have done terrible things that no one should ever do.”

Victim Kylie Ossege, who was shot by Crumbley during the rampage, broke down in tears Friday while detailing the horrific incident … which included the feeling of warm blood soaking into the carpet.

You’ll recall, Crumbley pleaded guilty last year to 4 counts of first-degree murder, a count of terrorism causing death, and 19 other charges related to the deadly massacre.

Crumbley’s parents, Jennifer and James, were also taken into custody, being charged with 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter — one for each student who was killed. Their trial will begin next month.

Prosecutors said Jennifer and James knew about their son’s mental health issues but still bought him the gun he used in the attack.

A teacher at Oxford High claimed to see Crumbley looking up information online about ammunition … but when it was brought to Jennifer’s attention, prosecutors say she didn’t appear to be alarmed. The following day, Crumbley opened fire at his school.

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