James Martin issues heartfelt thank you after hes replaced on ITV cooking show

James Martin stepped back from hosting duties for his weekend cooking series, James Martin's Saturday Morning, as he continues to undergo treatment for cancer in private.

It was the 51 year old's decision to take a break with Jimmy Doherty's cooking series to take over James' Saturday morning slot.

While he takes a break from TV duties, he has been on tour with James Martin Live, which sees the celebrity chef entertain the nation with his culinary skills.

He took to X on Sunday to thank fans for attuning his two shows on October 19 and November 12.

He penned: "I just wanted to take this chance to say thank you for all (and there have been thousands) of the amazing messages I’ve had over the last few weeks.

"It’s been a pleasure to be on the road with an amazing bunch, appearing night after night for a fantastic group of people…

"All of you! There are so many to thank Sam, Thatch, Dan, the whole crew, Richard, Seb, Ben, Cuffe & Taylor and all at Live Nation!

"It’s been a pleasure, 4 tours nearly done! The Palladium again tonight…ha, ha what?! Next, watch this space…now team let’s give it the beans for tonight and the last night! Sunday night at the Palladium, what an honour…xx."

It comes as James recently gave fans an update on his condition as he tries to beat cancer.

He announced in July he was diagnosed with facial cancer in 2018 and while at Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall he told the crowd: "On a personal note, I just wanted to say thank you for 30 years of television.

"For me personally, I've been through a lot of s**t with cancer but I'm getting sorted at the end of next month.

"I will be back fighting at the end of February but I'm going on a little bit of a break to get that sorted.

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your support and all your messages."

James has previously had surgery to remove the cancer but said it has "returned on several occasions" and he has to have "regular treatments".

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