Will Raven Be In Season 3 of 'Titans'?

Rachel, aka Raven, had a significant storyline during the first two seasons of the DC Comics series, Titans. But noticing her absence in the first eight episodes, many are wondering, will Raven be in Season 3 of Titans at all?

Raven left for Themyscira at the end of ‘Titans’ Season 2

In the Season 2 finale of Titans, Donna (Connor Leslie) is killed while saving Dawn (Minka Kelly) from a falling electricity tower. Raven (Teagan Croft) knows she has the power to heal. So when Donna’s body heads for Themyscira, Raven volunteers to go along and attempt to resurrect her. 

Raven says her goodbyes to Gar (Ryan Potter), Dick (Brenton Thwaites), and the rest of the team on the tarmac. And she then boards the private jet with Jillian (Ann Magnuson)and flies off to the Amazonian homeland. 

So, will Raven be in ‘Titans’ Season 3?

Season 3 of Titans premiered on Aug. 12, and by mid-September, fans were done with half the season. But there’s no sight of Raven in the first eight episodes, and she’s barely mentioned by any of her teammates. 

For now it may look like the season’s going to end without her. But luckily, Greg Walker has confirmed that she’ll be making it back to Man’s World before the season ends. 

In a chat with Collider, the showrunner talked about how Raven will grow into a more evolved superhero by the time she returns from Themyscira. 

“She’s never really had a way of looking at herself and her heroism in the light of, or through guidance in a way that is specific to women, and specific to the world of women warriors,” Walker explained. 

“And we thought that was interesting if we could kind of push her in that and have a mentor, who’s not Dick Grayson for now,” he continued. “But a mentor who’s a woman, with women who can kind of take her through that culturation and see how she emerges as she comes out.”

Greg Walker reveals why Raven isn’t a main character this season

Raven is one of the coolest, most powerful characters on Titans, and fans are missing her for good reason. But according to Walker, her storyline, along with Donna’s, was minimized to highlight other characters and storylines. 

“We were able to, by kind of divvying out and allocating stories in different blocks, focus on characters more specifically,” he told Collider. “And we’ll be doing that continually on Titans, because I mean, you can’t tell 10 huge character stories throughout the season.”

“You can, but it’s very difficult,” he added. “So the idea is to kind of spread those out and really focus on a character for a while. Give the character spotlight episodes, and then bring them in at different times. And that’s clearly what happened with Rachel and Donna’s stories this season.”

Walker didn’t reveal when Raven will be back. But hopefully, it’s well before the season finale, which airs Oct. 21. In the meantime, fans can catch a quick glimpse of a revamped Raven in the Titans Season 3 trailer. 

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