Which 'Are You The One?' Season 8 Cast Member Was on Reality TV Before?

The reality show is back and making history. Are You The One? fans have recognized one of the new cast members from a different show. Which one is it and which show did the person compete on? Here is everything you need to know.

The Season 8 cast is sexually fluid


This season the show made history by casting a completely sexually fluid cast. All of the cast members could possibly be each other’s match. The 20 singles will have to go through the same challenge of finding their match to win $1 million by the end of the season.

The cast is the first of its kind, but the show is the same. There is even a person who was on a different show, which has happened before.

People from Are You the One? have been found on other shows before


Recently Maria Elizondo appeared on Season 7 of Are You the One? She found her perfect match with Shamoy Persad. That relationship didn’t last, which led to her being on another dating show.

She later appeared on Double Shot at Love starring Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore. Elizondo was really hitting off with Guadagnino. It was mentioned that she had her heart broken on TV before. Eventually, he sent her home and later explained why.

“With Maria, I’ll say there were a lot of things that weren’t really shown on the show. She was really scared of being hurt on national TV because supposedly on her last show she was hurt,” he told The Wrap.

He said, “I didn’t wanna be that guy that hurt her again. … I didn’t want Maria to be standing up there on the last episode and then I pick Alysse, or pick Elle, and send her home, you know what I’m saying?  So I kind of just bit the bullet on that one. I didn’t wanna drag her along.”

Once again fans of multiple shows recognized someone in the Season 8 cast of Are You the One? Which cast member was on a different show?

Jonathan Monroe was on Naked and Afraid

The big-haired contestant has been on reality television before. He was previously on Naked and Afraid. The cast was trying to survive in South Africa.

On the fifth day he wasn’t doing very well. One of his hands was in bad condition and couldn’t really use it. His partner managed to catch frogs to eat. When it was time to actually eat them he refused. Later he started feeling hunger pains and decided to quit.

One fan wrote a comment on an Instagram picture of him realizing where they recognized him. “I knewww I recognized this guy from somewhere!!! He was on a fan episode of naked and afraid and was bragging hard core abt all that he would do to survive and then refused to eat a frog and asked to go home for no reason after like a week ok maybe not no reason cuz mental health is a very valid but still.”

Now fans will get to see if he’ll fare any better trying to find love. Maybe they will see members from this cast on another show in the future.

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