Where was The Great Escapists filmed?

THE Great Escapists is the new series that sees Richard Hammond and Tory Belleci stranded together on a remote island.

The pair use their science skills to make the island hospitable, whilst also planning their escape. Here's more about the deserted island…

Where was The Great Escapists filmed?

San Jose Island, Panama

Although producers have not revealed the name of the exact island that they filmed on, it is thought to be San Jose Island, off the coast of Panama.

The crew filmed in Panama over the course of six weeks in early 2020.

Show star Tory Belleci said that the crew (ironically!) almost got stranded in Panama due to the pandemic.

He said: “We literally got off the island a week before the shutdown. So if we’d been filming any longer, we would’ve got stuck on the island for real,” says.

Meanwhile, his co-star Richard Hammond said that they wanted a sufficiently deserted island, but one that would hold the 70 members of their cast and crew.

 He revealed: “It was off Panama, we researched the world to find somewhere where we knew we'd get the right weather at the right time of year.

“And that would be quiet, that there'd be nobody else on but that we could get 70 people onto so we had to be able to land the plane there and boats.”

He added: “We had beaches, a lot of flies, crocodiles, sharks, seawater.

“And trees. Yeah, that's, that's what we needed.

“It wasn’t a big island and we filmed all over it, we certainly saw it.

“It had everything we needed. It had all the different scenes within a small area that we wanted to create.”

How can I watch The Great Escapists?

The Great Escapists is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video now.

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