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BELOVED crime show Vera is back for a season 11. Brenda Blethyn returns to play the sullen and dishevelled DCI Vera Stanhope, who takes on a different case in every episode.

Set in the North East, here are all the show's filming locations…

Where is Vera season 11 filmed?

Northumberland-based Detective Vera and her squad is always reading to take on the bad guys, even if their methods might not always be conventional. But where in the UK does the show get filmed? Here's a look at the locations of the ITV crime show…

Blyth and Whitley Bay

The small town of Blyth, south of the river on the east coast, is one of the most iconic landmarks in Vera. “This section of the coastline has these amazing turbines out to sea,” explains the show's producer Margaret Mitchell. “It’s a very angular, metallic world out there with a desolate landscape. It’s quite moody. The turbines are pretty striking with the landscape. It’s harsh coastal countryside”. Whitley Bay is a small seaside town in Tyne and Wear which incorporates the village of Monkseaton. Filming has also taken place in Cramlington – a town nine miles north of Newcastle with a population of around 40,000. The Rendezvous Café, at nearby Whitley Bay, is also regularly used as a filming location. “The place has distinctive windows”, explains Mitchell, “It’s a timeless area, there’s a big statue just behind the priory where we shot the episode Sandancers in series two and that’s a well-known landmark too.”


This picturesque little town in Northumberland was chosen for its natural beauty and river fans will remember it from Silent Voice in series two. “This is where we filmed the wild water swimmer,” explains Mitchell. “We arrived very early in the morning, on an October day when it was very misty. The sun was rising and shone through the water – that was particularly beautiful. It’s a great place for walking. "When you’re here, you’re completely struck by the expansive land, the light and the skies. "You can see the vast panorama of countryside, the light just fills your eyes. It’s incredible.”

Alnmouth and Monkwearmouth

The series is also filmed in Alnmouth, a coastal village in Northumberland, which was seen in series nine of Vera. Alnmouth is located at the mouth of the River Aln and is situated in the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Monkwearmouth, an area of Sunderland on the River Wear will also appear in the series and is home to Monkwearmouth-Jarrow Abbey (a Benedictine monastery). The abbey became the centre of Anglo-Saxon learning, produced the scholar Saint Bede – the patron saint of English writers and historians.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge and Tyne Bridge This northern town of Newcastle has a strong identity and is a mixture of old and new, and it’s where Vera carries out many of her investigations. The Gateshead Millennium Bridge and Tyne Bridge are two famous landmarks seen during Vera. “The city has got great bridges that span across the river,” says Mitchell. “We have used the Sage building, which is an amazing-looking structure, and the Millennium Bridge in the background of shots, as well as the Victorian buildings in the older parts of Newcastle.”

Holy Island

Actress Brenda Blethyn spoke of how they filmed in a landfill site for Vera which of course proved to be very challenging. They did however film in much more pleasant locations, such as Holy Island. "Other glorious locations included Holy Island, Lindisfarne and Spanish City in Whitley Bay, which is now beautifully renovated,"  the 74-year-old actress said. "We are still surprised by the incredible locations available for us to film.” She added: “I can honestly say I love the beauty of Northumberland, whether it’s a seascape, landscape, the moors, or the city. It’s stunning."

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Baltic is a centre for contemporary art centre located on the south bank of the River Tyne alongside the Gateshead Millennium Bridge in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England. It hosts a frequently changing programme of exhibitions and events, with no permanent exhibition. The Baltic could be used a key part of the new series of Vera, as actress Brenda Blethyn was spotted filming for the new series in Gateshead.



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The Collingwood Monument in Tynemouth

Series 11 will open on the steps of the Collingwood Monument in Tynemouth as a well-respected local builder is found beaten to death. The plot rapidly thickens as Vera discovers that the builder, Jim Tullman, was set to testify at in court as a key witness to a violent crime. The monument depicts Napoleonic-era Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, who was the second-in-command to Lord Admiral Nelson.

When is Vera season 11 on TV and how can I watch it?

The crime show will return at 8pm on Sunday, August 29 2o21 on ITV. It'll also be available on ITV's streaming service The ITV Hub. Another feature-length episode is expected to arrive before the end of the year, with two additional episodes scheduled for 2022.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the series has been split into two separate parts.

Filming delays and restricted meant the show was forced to halt production.

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