What time does Mare of Easttown come on?

Mare of Easttown: Kate Winslet stars in new HBO series

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Mare of Easttown made its debut on April 18 and it has received critical acclaim across the globe. The crime drama airs on HBO and Sky Atlantic, and it stars Kate Winslet as detective sergeant Mare Sheehan. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about what time the episodes air. 

What time does Mare of Easttown air?

The series is set in the suburbs of Philadelphia, where detective Sheehan is investigating the murder of a teenage mother. 

At the same time, she is trying to deal with her own personal struggle. She is known as a hero in her community but she has been through a lot in her life.

The detective has also been trying to solve a missing person case for the past year, leading those who once admired her to doubt her detective skills.

She has been through a divorce, lost her son to suicide, and a custody battle involving her own grandson. 

Four episodes have aired so far, with the fifth due to air tonight, May 16 – titled Illusions. 

Each episode airs on HBO on a Sunday at 10pm, and the episodes are also available to watch on HBO Max on Mondays. 

As for those watching on Sky Atlantic, they will have to wait until Monday at 9pm to view the latest episode. 

Fans in the UK have been able to watch via the streaming service, NOW. 

The synopsis for the upcoming episode says: “In her mandated therapy, Mare opens up about her family’s history with mental health struggles.

“Meanwhile, Lori tries to get to the bottom of her son’s outburst at school, and later, Mare meets with a semi-retired source to help find a possible connection to her three cases.”

The titles for the remaining episodes include Sore Must Be the Storm and Sacrament. 

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the series so far, with one saying: “Kate Winslet and Evan Peters in #MareofEasttown are the unexpected comedic duo I really needed in my life right now.”

Another said: “All I want to do on Sunday nights from now on is watch Kate Winslet vape, eat chips and hoagies, drink beer, question teenagers, and get asked out to dinner by dudes who are in love with her #MareOfEasttown #HBO.”

A third added: “Give Kate Winslet another Emmy right now #MareofEasttown.”

Fans are beside themselves trying to find out who killed Erin in the series. 

Erin McMenamin (Cailee Spaeny) is the teenage single mother who was murdered, and detective Sheehan is fighting for justice. 

By the end of episode four, a few suspects came to light including Erin’s dad Kenny (Patrick Murney) and Dylan Hinchey (Jack Mulhern). 

Episode four saw Mare suspended and detective Zabel (Evan Peters) took over the investigation.

This does not stop Mare from doing her duties unofficially and they continued to work together. 


Paternity tests revealed that neither Frank (David Denman) nor Dylan were the father of Erin’s baby, which threw a spanner in the works. 

Viewers continue to be left on the edge of their seats as the mystery surrounding Erin goes much deeper. 

The series is made up of seven episodes, which means it is due to come to an end on May 30. 

Fans have shared their thoughts ahead of the next episode, with one saying on Twitter: “After a hard day of muting and blocking, I can only thank HBO and the whole team behind #MareOfEasttown for giving us something to look forward to tonight. #goodnightmare.”

Mare of Easttown airs on HBO and Sky Atlantic. 

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