What is Paula hiding in Coronation Street as Jan link is exposed?

It’s no secret that Coronation Street solicitor Paula Martin (Stirling Gallacher) is hiding some dark secrets which are about to come to light.

The character has been linked to the child trafficking storyline involving Jan Losinski (Piotr Baumann) whom she clearly knows in some capacity – and forthcoming events could even pose a threat to her relationship with Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent).

With things only set to get more dangerous for Paula, just what is she hiding – and what’s her link to Jan?

Here’s what we know so far…

What is Paula hiding in Coronation Street?

Paula has been acting shifty again in recent episodes and it’s becoming increasingly clear that she is hiding something.

We do know that she knows Jan in some capacity, with Eileen Grimshaw having recently noticed that there was a knowing glance between the lawyer and Jan as they pass in the Street.

When Eileen later asked Paula about it, she was flustered and denied knowing him, telling Eileen she must have imagined what she saw.

However Eileen went on to confide her suspicions in Liz McDonald (Beverly Callard) who discovered Jan’s criminal past after Googling his name.

What’s Paula’s link to Jan?

It’s not yet clear whether Paula is involved in child trafficking with Jan or whether she has some other link to him but it’s clear the pair know each other.

With Jan having been involved in child trafficking, suspicions about Paula’s involvement have already been raised – but it ramps up a notch this week when intruders break into the Webster household and start rifling through her paperwork, leaving Sophie’s son Jack in danger.

Stirling told metro.co.uk: ‘Does she feel guilty about what happens and how Jack was put in real danger? Yes of course! She’s mortified. To put a small child at risk like that is awful. I don’t think Paula would have made a conscious choice to endanger Sophie or her family in her own interests but fear can skew a persons judgement and Paula is way more scared than she is letting on.

‘She is dealing with some nasty folk and she has found herself in a very dangerous situation, just by doing her job. She is very scared by what is happening and is out of her depth.’

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