We Have 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 Casting News, Right This Way

We officially have the first group of Bachelor Nation alums who are going to be get another chance at magical Bachelor love journeys in Mexico this summer for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 when it comes back to our screens this fall (September 27, to be exact, if you’re the mark-your-calendar type).

Of course the Paradise staples will be there—Jesse Palmer is hosting and Wells Adams is back as the resident bartender (and, presumably, lots of giant bugs and crabs are also on hand to terrorize contestants during their interviews and make blooper magic). As for who will actively be looking for true love and/or hot hookups on the beach, ABC has announced the first group to hit the beach and we have all the intel on the faves and villains joining the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 cast below, so just keep scrolling.

Shanae Ankney


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Romeo Alexander


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Instagram: @doctor__romeo

Age: 33

Season: Michelle Young’s

Jill Chin


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Instagram: @jillchin_

Age: 27

Season: Clayton Echard’s

Andrew Spencer


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Instagram: @andrewzspencer

Age: 27

Season: Katie Thurston’s

Teddi Wright


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Instagram: @teddiwright

Age: 25

Season: Clayton Echard’s

Brandon Jones


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Instagram: @bmacjones

Age: 28

Season: Michelle Young’s

Hunter Haag


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Instagram: @hunterchaag

Age: 29

Season: Clayton Echard’s

Jacob Rapini


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Instagram: @jacobrapini

Age: 28

Season: Rachel and Gabby’s

Kira Mengistu


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Instagram: @kiramengistu

Age: 33

Season: Clayton Echard’s

Logan Palmer


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Age: 26

Season: Rachel and Gabby’s

Genevieve Parisi


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Age: 27

Season: Clayton Echard’s

Michael Allio


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Age: 38

Season: Katie Thurston’s

Serene Russell


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Instagram: @serenebrookrussell

Age: 27

Season: Clayton Echard’s

Brittany Galvin


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Instagram: @lilgalvin

Age: 25

Season: Matt James’

Justin Glaze


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Instagram: @justinglaze

Age: 28

Season: Katie Thurston’s

Hailey Malles


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Instagram: @haileyluhoo

Age: 26

Season: Clayton Echard’s

Casey Woods


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Instagram: @caseydillamusic

Age: 37

Season: Michelle Young’s

Lace Morris


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Instagram: @lacemorris3

Age: 32

Season: Ben Higgins’ season *and* Bachelor in Paradise Season 3

Sierra Jackson


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Instagram: @sierrajackzen

Age: 27

Season: Clayton Echard’s

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