'Vikings' Season 6B: Why a Recent Photo of a 'Vikings' Actor Has Fans Talking About the New Season

Fans of Vikings are looking for any information they can get on the rest of season 6. Season 6B still doesn’t have a release date, but fans are hopeful they will see the show again very soon. Luckily an actor from the series recently posted an image that has fans talking about the upcoming season.

Season 6 of ‘Vikings’ is about the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) lives on in his sons. In season6, they are all trying to find their place in the Viking Age. Ivar (Alex HøghAndersen) has allied himself with the Rus Vikings as they come to takeScandinavia and Kattegat with it. Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) finds Ivar and fightsalongside him against his older brother Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig). Ubbe(Jordan Patrick Smith) has long since sailed away to find the Golden Land.

Why a recent photo of a ‘Vikings’ actor has fans talking about the newseason

Marco Ilsø, who plays Hvitserk, recently posted a new image of his character and people can’t stop talking about it. It’s an image of Hvitserk sitting on the side of a ship as he looks off in contemplation. He’s dressed to impress, though it’s unclear if this image is from season 6B or not. Fans are hoping so considering the caption.

“Hvitserk looking forward to next season 📸@alexhoeghandersen,” the post is captioned. Alex Høgh Andersen, who plays Ivar, took the photo and he even commented on it. “Let me have your children,” Anderson wrote.

The caption has many fans thinking this could be a new image of the upcoming season, though it isn’t confirmed if that’s the case or not. Numerous fans commented with their thoughts on the image and the hope for season 6B.

Fans react to the image and what it could mean

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In season 6A, Hvitserk drowns his sorrows in alcohol as he fights his inner demons. It’s sad to watch him go through it, but it leads him to Ivar in the end and to actually kill Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick). It was always the destiny of a son of Ragnar to do the deed, and Hvitserk was under the influence at the time.

Fans are hoping this image could mean better things aheadfor Hvitserk. “Can’t wait to see how Hvitserk’s journey is going to continue. 🔥❤️I really hope he’ll get a happy ending,” a fan wrote about the future of theseries.

Fans are looking forward to the final episodes of the series.Hopefully things will be concluded in the best way possible. “Looking forwardto next season too! Vikings is one of my favorite shows,” a fan said.

Hvitserk seems to be cleaned up and looking ready foranything. Another fan on Instagram says they miss Hvitserk. “We miss him!!!he’s looking mighty dapper 👏🏻,” a fanadmitted.

One fan is encouraged that this means Hvitserk has turned over a new leaf. They hope he gets the help he needs with alcohol and it will lead to a better path in the long run. “Hope he gets the help he needs and looking good there,” a fan said about Hvitserk.

Fans can’t stop talking about season 6B of Vikings. It’snot clear if this image is of the new season, but fans are hopeful for the futureand what it will bring for Hvitserk.

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