Trump's 4th of July Event Delayed by Rain Storms

Trump still expected to give speech despite forecasts of “heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds”

donald trump

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Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” Independence Day event was delayed on Thursday afternoon as forecasts of heavy rain showers and possible thunderstorms threaten to outright cancel the President’s Fourth of July festivities.

According to NBC 4 News in Washington D.C., severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued in the city and an announcement was made at 5:30 PM local time that Trump’s event would be delayed. A speech from the president is  currently scheduled to take place between 6:30 and 7 p.m, according to a recent tweet from the president.

“Salute to America” is scheduled to hold performances from U.S. military bands and choruses, as well as a flyover from the Navy Blue Angels. Thousands of Trump supporters have come to the Lincoln Memorial for the event, but the president’s critics have attacked Trump for politicizing the Fourth of July event and diverting funds from the National Park Service to pay for the festivities.

The rainy weather also put a damper on anti-Trump protests held just outside the fenced-off portion of the Washington Mall where the event is being held. The 20-foot “Baby Trump” balloon that has appeared at protests as far away as London was brought to D.C. on Thursday, but was temporarily deflated after the storm warning was issued. The balloon was later reinflated and moved closer to the Lincoln Memorial prior to Trump’s scheduled arrival.

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