Trevor Noah, Jimmy Fallon perform impressions of Donald Trump smoking weed

A friendly game of Wheel of Political Impressions on The Tonight Show devolved into Trevor Noah and Jimmy Fallon performing synchronized impressions of President Donald Trump smoking weed for the first time.

It makes sense. If Trump did get super-duper high, he probably would have a conversation with himself.

Noah was an audience favorite on Tuesday night’s episode when he started things off by mimicking Trump’s hand gestures in taking a puff. “Wow! So amazing! So amazing, I can feel it…” Noah riffed as Trump.

Keeping with the high vibes, Noah’s Trump turned to Fallon and asked, “Are there two of us right now?” That’s when Fallon chimed in with his own impression. It’s similar to the dueling impressions Fallon did previously with Dana Carvey.

The Daily Show host also performed impressions of Barack Obama giving a sex talk and Beto O’Rourke reading cereal ingredients, while Fallon tackled a shouting Bernie Sanders trying to order from the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through window.

Watch above.

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