Travis Barker's ex Shanna Moakler supports post about 'hating' Kim Kardashian after claim star destroyed her family

TRAVIS Barker's ex Shanna Moakler appears to have proved she "hates" Kim Kardashian once and for all after she teamed up with a troll slamming the reality TV star.

Kim's elder sister, Kourtney Kardashian, is now dating Travis, with Shanna accusing the Blink-182 drummer of "destroying her family" in a furious interview last month.

In a follow-up to her angry comments, Shanna co-signed an Instagram post from user @iamrichroyal which featured a black and white snap showing Kim, 40, in floods of tears during a recent Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode.

In the caption alongside, the user unkindly wrote: "I f**king hate her."

A handful of comments down, Shanna added the words: "You're not alone," to show her agreement, in a comment which has since been deleted.

The model, who was married to Travis for four years between 2004 and 2008, insisted their relationship was ruined when her had an affair with Kim.

She has also suggested Kourtney has tried to turn their children against her.

Speaking of the Kardashian siblings, Shanna told TMZ: "My family is broken because of this family and now my kids and I are alienated from each other because of another sister in the family, so yay for me."

Despite claiming several times that she doesn't care about Kourtney and Travis's steamy relationship, her most recent interview proves otherwise.

When asked what she would tell Kourtney if she ever saw her, she claimed she'd say: "Thanks for destroying my family twice."

She made similar allegations against the family when she spoke to Us Weekly, claiming: “The Kardashians are buying my kids Prada every other day.

“They’re going on lavish trips. They’re doing all these things, which is fine. I think it’s nice that they’re being kind to my kids. I want that for my children.”

The former Miss USA also believes her ex’s new romance with Kourtney, 42, which became official back in February, has not been "great" on their kids.

Shanna said: “I don’t think it’s great when they put a wedge in between their biological mother.” 

Shanna shares Alabama, 15, and Landon, 17, with Travis, 43.

She also has a daughter, Atiana, with Oscar de la Hoya, but the 22-year-old lives with the musician.

Most recently, Travis and Kourtney took the trio of kids – along with Kourtney's kids Mason and Penelope – to Disneyland and they looked like the perfect family.

Earlier this month, Shanna alleged she caught Travis having an affair with Kim, 40, while they were still married.

In a series of texts, Shanna claimed: “I’ve been legally bullied out…I’m fed up and I’m Exhausted.. Social media and the media isn’t real…I divorced Travis because I caught him having an affair with Kim!

"Now he’s in love with her sister.. It’s all gross… I’m not the bad guy!”

Shanna later stood by her affair allegations and claimed she's seen "texts" to prove the alleged infidelity.

A source close to the couple revealed that Travis and Kim did not have an affair.

For her part, Kim has publicly slammed rumors she dated Travis and has insisted she is "happy" for the pair.

One fan asked her: "Did you hook up with Travis Barker?"

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star set the record straight by replying: "NO! False narrative!"

She continued: "We've been friends for years and I'm so happy for him and Kourt."

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