Today’s Jenna Bush Hager shares huge career announcement

The women who inspire Jenna Bush Hager

The Today show co-host often keeps her fanbase updated on her personal life via her social media, and this week the star shared a huge career announcement with her Instagram followers. Hager revealed the next book she will add to her ever-growing reading club.

Today host Jenna Bush Hager excitedly promoted her ever-expanding creative project with her 1.3million Instagram followers this week.

Hager shared details about the latest book she has added to her book club, which is called Read With Jenna.

The TV personality shared a video of herself discussing a book titled Black Candle Women, while she was behind the scenes on the set of Today.

She spoke proudly of Black Candle Women, as she briefly explained what the book was about.

The book follows the generations of women who are part of a particular family.

The TV star further revealed that the book centred around intergenerationality, which was a theme she’s “totally attracted to.”

Hager clarified that she liked those themes because whenever asked which women shaped her the most throughout her life, she always brings up her mum and grandmothers.

Under the clip, Hager explained the book in more detail while revealing Black Candle Women will be her reading club’s “March Read”.

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The caption read: “Our March Read With Jenna selection Black Candle Women is all about generations of women, and Jenna Bush Hager knows all about being inspired by the strong female figures in her family!”

The post continued: “Which women are you inspired by?”

Hager was inundated with sweet messages from fans as they too shared the people who have inspired them throughout their lives.

One fan @Migraineroad wrote: “I appreciate the light she brings. I have been so blessed by my mom and by my some of my closest friends.

“They showed me strength and love through trauma and my invisible illness migraine. Thank you for the reminder to celebrate those who lift us.”

With @noelleknoxwriting adding: “My mom, grandma, and sister. Three strong women who find beauty even in life’s difficulties [love heart emoji] looking forward to reading about the women in Black Candle Women.”

While Hager clearly encouraged user @Felinefancy to buy the book as they wrote: “Just got on EBay.”

It comes after Hager recently began investing time in her new reading club whilst also broadening her TV credits.

After revealing her February 2023 book choice as Jessica George’s novel Maame, Hager had more to share regarding her ongoing project.

In another post, Hager explained: “I was so moved by this book, y’all, that I’m thrilled to announce that this is one that, with the help of Jessica George, the talented author, we’re going to adapt it and hopefully bring it to television!”

Today continues weekdays on NBC in the US.

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