Tipping Point fans cringe as ‘dense’ player makes embarrassing planet blunder

Ben Shephard was back on ITV on Friday evening for another episode of Tipping Point, with contestants Reece, Sam and Jane trying their luck.

Reece was knocked out in the first round, while Sam was sent packing in the second – and viewers weren't surprised considering she made a major blunder with one of her questions.

Good Morning Britain host Ben asked Sam: "At 5.51 grams per cubic centimetre, which planet is our solar system is the densest?"

She wasn't too sure about it, but Sam said she'd go for "a big planet" and ended up choosing Mars as her answer.

The correct answer was our very own planet Earth – but it was clear Sam had no chance as her own calculations were way off.

That's because Mars is actually one of the only planets that is smaller than the Earth.

Viewers rushed to Twitter to share their disbelief, with one saying: "A big planet… Mars. T***."

Another wrote: "Mars is about half the size of the Earth…"

And a third added: "I will go for a big planet, but I'll name one of the smallest. Mars. Which is the densest contestant in our solar system?"

Jane got through to the final round and played for her chance to win the £10,000 jackpot.

Despite a few duff drops, she ended up managing to get the star coin to drop – and it even completely leapt out of the machine.

She was understandably ecstatic that she'd be going home £10,000 richer, but it seems it wouldn't just be her benefitting from her prize.

Jane had previously told Ben that she had a list of things planned to do with her money if she won, including a day at the races with some of her girl friends.

Speaking after she'd won the top prize, Jane said: "It's a lot of treats for everybody now, it's lovely."

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV

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