Tipping Point fans brand delicious contestant smug in most beige show ever

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    Tipping Point's Ben Shephard welcomed three new hopefuls to the arcade-style ITV1 game, but some viewers thought it was boring.

    On Wednesday evening (January 25), Gary, Graham and Harleen battled it out against each other and the machine in order to win a huge £10,000 jackpot.

    But some viewers couldn't help but moan about the "beige" show, while branding one player "delicious" and "smug".

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    "For some reason Gary is looking rather delicious," wrote one viewer when Gary took on the machine in a bid to beat his fellow players.

    Then, as Gary began getting questions correct and building up his prize pot, viewers branded him as "smug".

    "Gary the smug looking g*t," angrily wrote one viewer.

    While another said: "Hahaha ya smug c***."

    Gary then made it through to the next round with Harleen, which left one viewer rejoicing as they wrote: "At least my eye candy is still in."

    And others fumed over the lack of "fun" in the episode, with them even branding the episode "beige".

    With one person writing: "This lot are no fun at all, I'll go as far to say beige."

    While another stopped watching midway through when they took to the show's hashtag to say: "Oh well that's me away, see ya all tomorrow."

    Harleen made it through to the final round with more than £1,500.

    Chatting to Ben before taking on the machine, she revealed that she entered Tipping Point by accident when she was trying to apply her daughter to The Voice.

    She then revealed that if she was to win the £10K jackpot, she's like to take her family for a holiday in Mauritius.

    "Harleen’s going Globe Trotting with the dough," penned one viewer when they heard her plans for the cash.

    Tipping Point airs weekday evenings at 4pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with Lucky Stars episodes airing over the weekend.


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