This Morning doctor sparks furious row by saying 'weight loss isn't good for you' and calls for FAT superheroes

THIS Morning descended into uproar today when a doctor appeared on the show and announced: "Weight loss isn't good for you."

At one point host Phillip Schofield had to step in as Dr Natasha Larmie prompted a bitter debate after going head-to-head with 'diet guru' Steve Miller.

The 58-year-old star ordered the pair to start bickering, saying viewers couldn't hear the debate.

Things got heated when Dr Natasha, who was on the show to talk about children needing to see fatter heroes, attacked the "idea that weight loss is a good thing".

She said: "In fact if you want to pretty much guarantee that you're going to be heavier five years from now the best thing you can do it go on a diet.

"The weight loss industry is going to convince you that I'm wrong – most people end up gaining weight over five years."

Steve slammed her as a "disgrace" telling Phillip and co-host Holly Willoughby: "I'm confused.

"We have a doctor who's telling the nation today that you don't need to lose weight and you can be healthy.

"If you get Covid you are much more likely to be hospitalised if you are obese and much more likely to die if you are on a ventilator with Covid."

And some viewers agreed, with one tweeting: "Appalling to say that fat is ok. To say someone that is obese is healthy is dangerous."

Another fumed: "That obesity denier should not be given a platform to push her fat agenda to the general public. It’s is dangerous and totally irresponsible."

A third wrote: "Who the hell is this doctors suggest that being fat is good. I am overweight and it is not good. Very dangerous doctor."

One other insisted: "The fat Doctor is employed by the NHS the NHS states obesity is the second biggest killer in this country.

"She denies it and says being fat is healthy #thismorning She’s a danger to her profession and her patients."

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