The Woodland Workshop star still processing emotional story

The Repair Shop: Sisters get emotional over stereogram

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The Woodland Workshop is destined to be a huge hit for fans of shows such as the BBC’s The Repair Shop. The series follows a group of professional crafters as they build personal items for community heroes. Ceramicist Rich Miller spoke to about a particularly heartwarming story.

Viewers will be transported to the heart of the New Forest for the new escapist series.

Carpenters, upholsterers, metal workers and chainsaw artists are on hand to build tailor-made items for people who help out in their communities.

Viewers will follow the experts through the whole planning process, right through to construction.

Heartwarming stories of local heroes are told by those who appreciate the work they do.

Rich Miller spoke to about a chess set that was made for a community hero called James.

He said: “The people are just so inspiring, I think making anything for anyone is the ultimate kind of accolade for any craftsman.

“Particularly things that people are going to use. Just hearing about James it was clear that he was just so giving.

“He gave up his time, his skill, his knowledge to help people that genuinely needed it.

“I think it’s just rare that we celebrate those people and he certainly wasn’t expecting to be celebrated.

“That was what was so lovely, to make something that felt so personal to him, a game that he enjoys with his children.”

Rich worked with expert crafter Alex Webster on the project and he said it was a fulfilling experience.

He admitted he was still coming to terms with the impact they had on making someone’s day.

He added: “Coming out of it, still now I’m trying to sort of process what it has meant really.

“I said several times on set I’m just speechless which is a rarity for me, usually I have got too many words to describe everything.

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“It really left me quite speechless, it’s just such a human connection through making and creativity.

“All of these people’s incredible generosity, their time, it just felt really celebratory and a really special thing.

“And to know these things are now part of their every day and linked to a memory that is hopefully something positive and reaffirming in terms of how valued they are is really special.

“It doesn’t get any better.” The local heroes featured include a retired dentist who offers mobile treatment to people in need, a biker gang who run a food bank, and a woman who rescues dogs from warzones.

Experts hoping to surprise the community heroes include woodworkers Alex, Ciarán Ó Braonáin and Saf Fakir.

They are joined by chainsaw artist Ella Fielding, metal worker Chloe Sales and metalsmith Yasemin Hussein.

Also joining the team are upholstery expert Micaela Sharp and ceramics expert Rich.

He may also be recognised for presenting The Great Pottery Throwdown.

The Woodland Workshop airs on Quest on January 3 at 9pm. The episodes will continue to air weekly.

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